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Rose - Dept Public Works

Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 299,620
  • Eastern Point Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    On Pole 7974 replace no parking sign
  • 4 Riverside Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    catch basin needs to be rebuilt
  • Atlantic Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please replace "No Parking Either Side" signs on Atlantic Street on the following poles, 2504, 2515, 2517, 2522, 1691, 1693, 1694, 1696, 1703 and 1706.
  • Wise Place Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Street sign needs to be repaired.
  • Hartz Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    replace 25MPH Speed limit sign
    straighten pole and replace no parking sign across from pole 836
    replace Stop signs
  • Bass Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Replace No Parking signs on the following poles - #8851, 2790, 3602, 865, 867, 870, 872
  • Thatcher Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    On Pole #7588 replace "No Parking Tow Away Zone" sign
  • Rockport Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Stop sign looks like it is falling over.
  • 99 Thatcher Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Replace "No Barrel No Littering No Kidding" sign on pole 7598
  • Magnolia Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Magnolia Ave from Raymond Street to Essex Ave. Replace all faded or damaged regulatory signs through out entire avenue. Verify that existing signs that are in good shape are secured properly and posts are straight. See attached inventory.
  • 3 Raymond Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    For the third week in a row this residence did not have their recycling picked up. This is the only house we service on Raymond Street - the driver is not taking the right off of Magnolia Ave. It was discussed with the supervisor last Thursday to ensure that it would not be missed, and it was missed again on Friday. Please have this picked up today.
  • 324 Main Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Missed purple bag at 324 Main Street - resident thinks that they may not have seen it with the cars parked out front
  • 66 Hesperus Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Christmas tree not picked up Friday
  • 10 Long Beach Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Christmas tree not picked up Friday
  • 275 Atlantic Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    trash not picked up Friday
  • Wall Repair Archived
    Warren Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    The wall at the entrance to the City Hall Parking lot on the Warren Street side was clipped by a plow and needs to be repaired.
  • 6 Fleetwoods Drive Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
  • Arlington Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester

    Two Way Traffic Sign

    Should read - Two Way - Sept 15-May 1

  • 12 Centennial Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    No Parking From Here To Corner sign is missing from beginning of Centennial Ave. Needs to be replaced ASAP, buses cannot make the swing .
  • Sunset Hill Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester

    Resident request a "Dead End No Outlet" or" no turn around "- sign to be placed at Sunset Hill Road/Ferry Street.

    Large trucks are constantly getting hung up at the corner of Sunset Hill Rd and Perriwinkle and are unable to turn around.