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  • South Main Street Perry, New York - Perry
    There are 2 points of concern, one is located at the intersection of Washington ave. and south main street and another located in front of 145 south main st. Both have broken down around the edges, causing loud bangs each time a semi drives over them. Neighbors in the area have been dealing with this on and off for years. Is there a more permanent solution for these patches as it seems quite redundant to have to keep filling in the spots.
  • 2 S Main St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    There's a crack that appears to be at the edge of the Borden ave bridge and probably caused by bridge movement, which can be seen in other places along that sidewalk where the joints are separating. Can the village grind this down to avoid pedestrian injury?
  • 67-79 New York 246 Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    68 n center sidewalk heave
  • 2-8 Spring St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    Neighbors are concerned about hazard here. Construction workers have dug a deep hole right next to the sidewalk and is not adequately protected. At first we thought it would just be for a few days, but it has now been weeks and there's no sign that it will be finished soon. Somebody could break a leg or a stroller wheel or bicycle could fall off the edge.
  • 33 Borden Ave Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    There is an electric pole in front of the first house on the left on Borden Avenue with a cable supporting it which is tied to a tree across the street in the woods above the creek. The tree it is tied to appears to have recently started to tip over. Perhaps nyseg should be informed? Another tree in that forest is also falling over and might fall on the chain-link fence.
  • Junky corner Acknowledged
    Corner Of Elm And Water St. Perry, NY - Perry
    More junk cars appearing for sale. Doesn’t look nice.
  • BlightOpen
    32-34 N Main St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    On village's radar for tall grass?
  • BlightOpen
    6 St Helena Street Silver Lake, NY 14530, United States of America - Perry
    Status of tall weeds and in general?
  • OtherOpen
    63 South Main Street Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    Wood is not a legal substitute for broken glass. Please send notice to comply asap.
  • OtherOpen
    68 S Federal St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    People on four wheelers have blasted a trail through the woods on to the outlet trail. They also ride on the outlet trail, even though motorized vehicles are prohibited. Can anything be done?
  • Corner Of Water St & Elm St Perry, NY - Perry
    What is the current law re: number of abandoned or for-sale cars on a village property? Our neighborhood has been looking at this mess for a long time. At least 4 junkers all of the time. ---Worse eyesore than chipped paint.
  • OtherOpen
    38-62 S Main St Perry, NY 14530, USA - Perry
    59 south main. The building has been documented with photos and complained about for well over a year I'd like to know if there's any court dates coming up? There is a hole in the ceiling which has caused rotting and damage far beyond repair and the structure is unsafe. and then there is fabric put up to avoid people seeing the damage that has been done instead of fixing it. Now to my knowledge I was told to take down a tapestry, which was fabric, in my store because it took up too much of the window area (claiming it was signage) so I have complied, but my neighbor next to me has a building falling apart and I'm not really seen much movement on the property to be repaired or torn down.