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  • 10th Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
  • 25 Hamilton Park Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    I noticed these nests in the trees in Hamilton Park and wonderes if they are going to have an effect on the trees and whether or not they will do permanent damage. No need to contact me. I am just pointing it out
  • Erie St Between 1st And 2nd Street Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    It is very difficult to walk down the sidewalk on Erie Street between 1st and 2nd streets. The overgrown bushes are blocking most of the walkway. Can this be pointed out to the owner so this could be addressed. It happens every year around this area.
  • 25 West Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The HPNA and all residents must get behind the repair of the fountain at Hamilton Park. It's been broken for 3 years!!!
  • 25 West Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The park has not been cleaned up in parts. Why can't we get any service here???
  • 6th St And Erie St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    6th and Erie is terrible. Maybe Mayor Fulop should stop making commercials and pick up a shovel. Terrible!!!!
  • Erie St And 2nd St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Last night a child was hit on Columbus and Grove. The out of control traffic has been reported several times. Many complaints have been reported about cars running crosswalks and turning while pedestrians try and cross. Now you see the results of your lack of enforcement around the area. We need more patrolling and less standing around. I saw four cops standing around Grove. Why aren't they dispersed and patrolling the streets stopping cars that don't yield to pedestrians from Columbus to 10th street and from Jersey Ave to Marin. Do more people need to be run over???
  • 16th St And Coles St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This past Friday (Sept 29th) there was a fire by the overpass where there is a homeless group. This matter has been brought up several times but the city refuses to do anything about it. The fire should be a wakeup call for the city to get this area cleaned up, better lighting, and a sidewalk. We need the entire area to be safer and cleaner for all. How can these new buildings get rented with such a dirty unsafe area???
  • Coles St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This unfortunate dog has a lazy owner who does not clean up after his dog. I believe he lives in the Embankment building. I need to know what is the protocol when I catch him and his dog in the act. Do I call the precinct, do I call 911, Of can I just kick his &%# for trespassing and being a lazy slob?? Please advise because I will be there tomorrow to confront him around noon.
  • Coles St And 10th St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This is a constant problem here. We need better enforcement please
  • 25 West Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    I have sent in complaints about the fountain not working several times over the last couple of years. The most recent was a month or so ago. Can you please tell me why this fountain is so difficult to repair???
  • Hamilton Park Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    When is the fountain in Hamilton Park going to be fixed? You have stagnant water getting dirtier every day. I also saw some idiot mother allowing her two kids to play in the water.
  • 25 West Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    The water fountain hasn't been working for two years now. Why is it taking so long to fix. Last year it was just dry. This year it has water in it. That water is starting to smell badly.
  • 209 9th Street Off Erie Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    There are dozens of garbage bags on the sidewalk all day , Wednesday. It looks and smells disgusting
  • Coles St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    I have seen these postings all around the neighborhood. It just doesn't look good. Can you investigate and if this is illegal please fine the company accordingly. Also please have them remove ALL the posted flyers and dispose of them at their cost.
  • Coles St And 10th Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Can you advise me on how to get REGULAR enforcement of the 2 hour parking permit rule. On my block (Coles St between 9th and 10th AND 10th between Coles and Jersey) the two hour rule is completely ignored. I know because I see more than half the cars have no permit and they are parked all day and night. The only thing compelling them to move is the street sweeper. There has to be some way to enforce this rule better. And please don't tell me to call in or report it on this site. Since you need to check the cars twice (once and then after two hours) there is no actual enforcement.
  • Erie St And 2nd St Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    Walking down Erie st is difficult around 2nd and 3rd streets. The bushes and trees have overgrown into the sidewalk and make it very difficult for anyone to pass (the north side - the side closest to Jersey ave I believe). Can't the owner be compelled to maintain their shrubbery or is this a city maintenance issue?? If so please have it addressed.
  • 25 West Hamilton Place Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    I left this morning to the Path and walked through the Hamilton Park on my usual route. The garbage was terrible. How can these people (whether they live in the area or not) come to this Park, throw a FREE party, and then not even invest in garbage bags to keep the area clean. We need to develop some rules and charge a fee so it's managed properly. I hope the HPA is involved and agrees. Now for the update: I just came back on the Path and walked the same route through the Park and it has been cleaned up nicely. Clearly it was done quickly too. This does not mean we still need a better system, but I was happy to see the City moved so quickly. Please to ALL that visit the Park, RESPECT the RULES. Keep it cleaner and keep your dogs from making a mess!!!!!
  • Jersey Ave And 10th Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    On Jersey Ave off 10th street where there is a posted no parking sign and street no parking painted, cars still park with impunity. I am told that you are in the area, but that can't be possible since they illegally park every day and all day. There needs to be regular enforcement.
  • Hamilton Park Jersey City, New Jersey - Downtown
    This is outrageous!!! The entire park has not been touched. People slipping and falling unable to navigate through this mess. How can the Mayor accept this??? Furthermore, from my house on 9th and Coles to Grove Street Path Station not one curb is cleared. Around 6th and Erie it's all ice and has not been touched. Clearly our Mayor has checked out. Or maybe he just can't handle the job any longer!!!! The election will be a rude awakening for him. I have been a big fan of his since I moved here 5 years ago. Clearly the job has overwhelmed him. With the new influx of renters we clearly are in need of a new more qualified Mayor. The police force, sanitation force, and parking authority all need upgrading to keep up with the demand. Our Mayor needs to step up or step out!! And the same goes for the City Counsel members. I hope somehow they get to read this. Again, I have been a big supported of the way things were running, but it all ends with this snow mess.