Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 185,750
  • 2415 Mlk Oakland, California - Hoover-Foster
    4ft couch and other misc items
  • Maybelle Way And Fullington Oakland, California - Allendale
    Please please fix these deteriorating road. It has become hazardous!
  • 7732 Crest Ave Oakland, California - Eastmont Hills
    three large garbage bags in the middle of the street
  • Macarther Between Pierson And Madera Oakland, California - Maxwell Park
    This area from Pierson to Madera on Macarthur is chronically filthy. It reguires pick up twice a week. Overnight cars park here and dump trash. It is a health hazard to walk this sidewalk to Mills. Please schedule for 2 pick ups a week.
  • 1 Croxton Ave Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    There is a bed frame, TV, and tons of other trash dumped into Richmond Creek on the North side of the pedestrian bridge.
  • Wood St And 10th St Oakland, California - Prescott Oakland Point
    There is a large hole in the street at the intersection. I would say it goes very deep since someone has stuffed the tip end of a orange construction cone inside the hole with the bottomside of the cone only visible.
  • 9835 Kitty Lane Oakland, California - Oakland Airport
    illegal parking of campers/mobile homes along the streets of Kitty Lane and the whole industrial neighborhood--cannot perform business as they(at least 10) are parked all night/day/week long.
  • 1044 6th Ave Oakland, California - East Peralta
    This is in front of the closed business next door to my house. There may be video images from my neighbor.
  • 1407 2nd Ave Oakland, California - Merritt
    The impaired vision audio boxes are mal-functioning, and beep intermittently 24°/day. The audio boxes are located at the corner of 2nd Ave and International Blvd. The problem started approximately 2 weeks ago.
  • 556 20th Street Oakland, California - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    The "No Turn on Red" sign for traffic turning right off of 12th Street to Castro or the 24/940 on-ramp is blocked by vines. I've seen cars make that right turn on red, probably because they can't see the sign.
  • 590 55th Street Oakland, California - Bushrod
    last night someone dumped a massive pile of garbage on 55th st under the freeway. someone also abandoned a crashed car on the block
  • 1800 Poplar Street Oakland, California - Ralph Bunche
    Between 18th and 20th street, along Poplar, there is a large amount of trash and debris in close proximity to Ralph Bunch School.
  • 1661 20th St. Ste. 4 Oakland, California - McClymonds
    RV are parking to close to the trailer entrance on our business at the corner of 20th St. and Campbell making really difficult to receive merchandise and for the big trucks to exit the place. The mentioned RV have been parked in there for over 3 weeks.
  • 7509 Valentine St Oakland, California - Eastmont Hills
    there is an abandoned trailer (car or boat) across the street from 7509 valentine st. Has been there for 4 days. There is no plate. It is partially blocking the street.
  • 615 Caldwell Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
  • 615 Caldwell Road Oakland, California - Glen Highlands
  • 3634 Magee Avenue Oakland, California - Upper Laurel
    Hello Public Works Dept
    Can you please come paint my street side curb RED so people don't think it is a legitimate parking space and park there. They block my driveway many time and I cannot get out.
    See attached photos of the short strip of curb side. Photo 1 and 2 showed UN-painted side. Photo 3 showed painted RED.
    H. Tran
    3634 Magee Avenue
    Oakland CA 94619
  • 1015 Martin Luther King Junior Way Oakland, California - Downtown
    Encampments are right along the sidewalk. Tons of trash is gathering in between the tents right along the sidewalk.
  • 601 11th Street Oakland, California - Downtown
    There is tons of litter blocking the sidewalk on 11th @MLK JR. Tons of garbage is on the sidewalk making it impossible to go around because of the homeless encampment at the park.
  • 5831 Chelton Oakland, California - Piedmont Pines
    2 foot by 3 inch deep pothole