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Inappropriate Use of Public Address Loudspeaker / Noise Pollution Acknowledged

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This is an ongoing problem which we have tried to address directly with NJ Transit, which operates patient transportation shuttles. Please read this comprehensive description in its entirety. These non-emergency shuttles pick up and drop off patients at the medical office at this address. Note that the medical office is the ONLY non-residential building (a converted house) on this block. Shuttles arrive to pick up patients from the office, and blast a recorded message over a public address loudspeaker that says "YOUR TRANSPORTATION HAS ARRIVED", at decibel levels designed to be heard INSIDE the building. This behavior is completely unacceptable, as the exceedingly loud recorded message can be heard inside all homes on this residential street, disrupting work, sleep (many people work nights), concentration, telephone calls, infants put down for naps, etc. In an age of cell phones, other means of notification are far more acceptable. NJ Transit's practice of using a PA system is unbelievably rude to all residents (and taxpayers, I should add) on this street, and demonstrates a total disrespect for the right to peaceful enjoyment of private property for all residents. This practice must stop. I'm calling on city officials to take corrective measures, and putting NJ Transit on notice that it must instruct all drivers to cease and desist the practice of using the PA system and repetitive horn blasts to summon its passengers who are inside a sealed building with double doors. A call to the reception desk is one possible solution, but something must be done. Thank you.

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