• Graffiti on a City sidewalk Acknowledged

    2665 Lawrence Ave E Ontario
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  • Report minor pothole damage Acknowledged

    360 O'Connor Drive East York, ON M4J 2V4, Canada
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  • Fire Route Marking, and parking Open

    50 Village Station Road Toronto, Ontario
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      Hussein (Guest)

  • What is More Important: Parking Fines or Access to Fire Hydrant? Closed

    University Ave. across from Canada Life, Toronto, ON
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  • Graffiti on a City bridge Acknowledged

    1425 The Queensway Etobicoke, ON M8Z 1T3, Canada
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  • Graffiti on a City road Acknowledged

    9 Bracondale Hill Road Toronto, ON M6G 3P3, Canada
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  • City building Vandalised Closed

    Don Valley Pkwy Toronto, ON M3A, Canada
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  • Dangerous Crossing Open

    2067 Dundas St W Toronto, ON
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  • Mysteries Brown liquid flowing from ELTE property Open

    80 Ronald Ave Off Of The York Beltline Trail Toronto, Ontario
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  • Legal Parking Impedes Traffic Open

    2914 Yonge Street Toronto, ON
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