13th Ave Oakland

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Watching issues created after: 2018-01-11

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  • 2210 13th Ave Oakland 94606, United States - Lynn-Highland Park
    Excessive speeding
  • 28th/Broadway Bus Stop - Highland Terrace
    broadway / 28th downtown
  • 2201-2299 13th Ave Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Clinton
    the entire 13th ave street feels like you're in a 3rd world country that has no pavement. From 580 across to 880, that street is so bad, you're bumping around the entire time.
  • 2021 14th Ave Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Rancho San Antonio
    This dump site is in the alley between 14th and 13th Avenue and in the middle between 20th and 21st streets. The alley has many driveways and gates but halfway into the alley you will see the junk pile up against my fence. This dumping spot has been picked up by the city multiple times before. Most recently probalby 2 years ago. In the past the city has just taken the trash off the top and left the bottom of the pile, which made it easy for people to dump again in the spot.
  • 1224 E 23rd St Oakland, CA 94606, USA - Clinton
    Black Kia Soul abandoned since Friday night. It is a rent a car from Hertz, there are no plates, the windows are open, it was crunched in the front. We called Hertz on Saturday morning to let them know it was there. They said they would send somebody to get it. They did not.
  • 1142 E 24th St Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Bella Vista
    Debris and appliances and glass and tire
  • 1701-1799 13th Ave Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Rancho San Antonio
    a number of large trash bags dumped on side walk at south east corner of13th ave and East 18th
  • 2500 13th Ave Oakland, California - Oakland
    several potholes in front of the bus stop. when it rains, riders get drenched. to be honest, all of 13th Ave, from Macarthur to 24th street needs attention. I know pg&e is doing stuff up the road, but they didn't improve the street quality when they did the same thing in the 2400 block
  • 1240 E 24th St Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Bella Vista
    black mercedes or bmw. It was on fire a couple weeks ago and has stayed demolished and in place since then. This is creating a terrible area of further dumping, car window break ins, etc.
  • 2220 12th Avenue Oakland, California - Clinton
    Large depression in the middle of the road
  • 1209 E 19th St Oakland, CA, 94606, USA - Clinton
    Street lamp burnt out on the corner of 12th ave and east 19th Street.
    Street lamp # 110129004
  • 1232 East 19th Street Oakland, California - Clinton
    Third world condition of street conflicts with residents of the renovated 144 unit apartment complex and it is depressing the quality of life for the whole neighborhood.