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  • East Bay Dr And Newport Rd Clearwater, Florida - Largo

    New Businesses are causing unsafe traffic patterns.

    Throughout the day, traffic from Newport Rd and traffic from Lion's Club Dr. are turning LEFT onto East Bay Dr. and piling up in the small median regardless of the East Bay's 'Right of Way'. Semi Trucks from Magic Tilt Trailers block the entire Westbound traffic when trying to turn LEFT from Lion's Club Dr onto E.Bay. With the popularity of the new car wash, I see cars traveling from all directions, occupying the center median trying to turn onto different roads at the same time. Most people don't understand the Right-of-way laws and are causing dangerous situations.

    I propose either a NO-LEFT-TURN sign onto E.Bay Dr. from Newport Road and Lion's Club Dr.


    A 'NO-LEFT-MEDIAN' installed that affectively enforces the same.

  • 1000 County Road 576 Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    Sunset Pt. Road pedestrian ROW sidewalk construction
    Reference: PID: 01886A

    When the referenced project started, there was a "Local Traffic Only" sign placed at the stop light (Sunset Pt Rd--east bound lane) which effectively discouraged pass-through traffic. However, a couple weeks ago this sign was moved about a 100 yards to the east (in grass) of where it was originally. This modification has generated unsafe conditions for local pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

  • 6727 126th Ave N Largo, FL 33773, USA - Commission District 5
    health safety - ongoing issue that needs to be discontinued AND mitigated CLEANED UP
  • Sand Key Dog Park Clearwater, Florida - Sand Key
    Content blocked by rejections
  • Road Requests Archived
    100-198 23rd Ave N Indian Rocks Beach, FL 33785, USA - Indian Rocks Beach
    Deep gutter on 23rd Ave @ 1st. St. This gutter presents a hazard for vehicles - it is too deep for vehicles to cross without bottoming out, even at very slow speeds.
  • 6995 Hopedale Lane Clearwater, FL 33764, Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    ** ALSO Safety/Security issue **. The walk-bridge at the west entrance to Frontier Elementary that leads to/from the school/Newport and to/from Hidden Oaks and Whispering Pines needs some much needed maintenance. The chain link fence at the west side of the bridge has been broken for 2+ years. New graffiti on the bridge. MUCH trash under and around both sides of the bridge and in the creek east and west of the bridge (some from homeless people/transients). Overgrown weeds/fallen branches at the east side. Yellow post sunk in the creek bed just east of the bridge that had been installed to prevent motor vehicles in the area was taken down (cars drive down the area at night) The fourth post is buried in the muck closer to where the remaining 2 post are still located (All 4 need to be cemented in place). Behind the house two houses down Hidden Oaks circle / just west of the bridge a homeless person hunkers down at night behind their fence (and know that elementary school kids walk this area morning-noon-night). Just a total disregard for the area by whomever installed the bridge 10+ years ago. Frontier Elementary does not care as I've asked them to maintain what they lobbied for and they don't want any part of it (for liability reasons I was told - Ha!). Finally - 2 cement posts at the west side (like the one at the east side), would be good to prevent motorcycle traffic on the walk-bridge. OK, one more - there is an aluminum gate just north of the west side of the bridge that was installed a few years ago (before the aforementioned yellow posts) to prevent vehicles traffic in the area. That is totally useless and should be taken down now as it is more of an eyesore anyway. That's it for now! Thank you for your good work in general! Contact me at my info above if needed.
  • 10998 106th Way N largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    the contractors you hired left a large amount of tree lims, fence, waste on my property. I had nothing there and now my yard looks like @#$%. Grass destroyed, pics will follow.
  • N Betty Lane state street, chenango avenue, sunset point road, Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Area between N Betty Lane, State Street,Chenango Ave,and Sunset Point Road smells of RAW SEWAGE, on some days more than others, depending on the wind. Also, properties in this area are experiencing SEWER RATS,both outside their houses in yards, and even inside when unknown holes are present in roofs, etc. This photo was taken in the last month. It is a sewer rat, which died shortly after caged, and was not poisoned. These rats carry diseases, which affect humans, neurologically, and otherwise. The "Sanitary Sewer Project" of 2013 in this area was a disaster,with many properties having pipes redone after numerous complaints. Public records will show that many of the both inhabited and vacant properties NEVER had final inspections completed. Residents became immune to the smell after a period of time;however, others who visited in the area smelled the sewage,including Pinellas county employees. This complaint is going to local media investigative reporters as well today, as previous reports have been ignored, and/or answered incompletely. No matter when this project completed, officially, or by what contracted company,Pinellas county residents,Clearwater residents,and others have been and are continuing to be harmed silently, through no fault of their own. In camera sewage line inspections do not account for the septic tanks which were "abandoned"or left in the area, improperly. Some residents have expressed fear at complaining. This complaint is anonymous, but only for now.
  • 13575 58th St N Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    An old jag has been sitting in the back of the parking lot, untouched and unmoved, for about two years now. The tags expired in June 2016.
  • Environmental Acknowledged
    1825 Oak St N Clearwater, FL 33760, USA - Commission District 5
    Rain water from some street are overflowing when rains due to poor connection to main rain water drain. Water is static and unclean. perfect condition for insects to grow. water contains some waste and bottles. plants over grown like a forest. Its needs cleaning and proper slopping for rain water to flow to drain.
  • 15597 George Boulevard Clearwater/Pinellas, Florida - South Highpoint
    Full garbage bags leaning against home and trash debris scattered all over the property. Also miscellaneous items laying around in yard. It's been this way for a couple of weeks. I did not see a mailbox located on this property either or any identifying house numbers. The property is located on the corner of George Blvd and Crestmont Avenue. I got the address from Google maps, hopefully it is correct.
  • Pothole(s) Archived
    58th Street N Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint

    Multiple potholes on 58th Street N. Between Breezy Meadows Drive and Whitney Rd. North of Roosevelt.

    About 6 potholes in the main line of traffic.
    One pothole is deeper than the others, it is almost to the side of the road, but will affect passenger side tires/issues.