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  • 20 Harrison St binghamton, New York - Tribeca
    huge pot hole on corner of floral and west end ave. Near blow a tire on this one.
  • 553 Canal St New York, NY 10013, USA - Tribeca
    There are a ton of large potholes right on Canal St. going west right before the West Side Highway. Hard to see at night, just slow way down.
  • many potholes Archived
    Kings Highway Valley Cottage, NY - Tribeca
    many potholes line this road from Old Mill Road until St. Paul's School
  • 31st. Btwn. 10th &9th. Aves. nyc, nys - Tribeca
    31st from 10th to 8th. Needs to be resurfaced
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 531 Main St New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island

    3 Street lights are out. The center light is adjacent to the 531 Main Street stairs, plus the lights directly north and south.

    Please repair ASAP.

  • Other Open
    405 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island

    Every Saturday and Sunday morning, from 8am to the the afternoon, there are both deafening construction noise (sustained usage of jackhammers) and loud music being played from events on Firefighters Field.

    This part of Roosevelt is quickly becoming unlivable for any hard-working individual involved in night shifts, as it is literally impossible to get any kind of rest or sleep among the constant pounding and noise. The RIOC really needs to get their work together and at least ensure that noise is kept to reasonable levels during the weekend, before paying resident leaves this @#$%-hole of an island.

  • Pothole Open
    9617 Astoria Blvd East Elmhurst, NY 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    big pothole on the center lane, I almost lost control of my vehicle and crashed into another car. please get this fixed as soon as possible
  • Major Deegan Expressway Bronx, NY 10451, USA - Mott Haven
    Deep pothole, center lane on I-87 South, right under the underpass located on 138 St, Bronx
  • New York NY 10026, USA - Morningside Heights
    Every weekend very large parties gather at the pique-nique spot. Some are more rowdy/louder than others. They play music on loud speakers, bbq smoke comes through our windows, large amount of trash are left at the site after the partying. This spot in the park is right across residential buildings and this noise nuisance affects residents of the area for several months. Can't a more isolated place in the park be dedicated to large gatherings? And if this is the only pique-nique spot, can't the music playing be regulated?
  • I-84 At Exit 7 - Jackson Heights
    in the east bound middle lane of I-84 just before exit 7 there is a large and very dangerous pothole. I thought my left front wheel would explode. must be fixed immediately!
  • pot holes Archived
    317 66th St West New York, NJ - Riverdale
    hey sal vega get out and fix these dam pot holes please. if not we will rise up and get you out of office
  • Union Avenue Near Mamaroneck Ave Harrison, NY 10528, USA - City Council District 36

    pot hole was 'repaired' with a temporary plate I'm guessing. However, it took a long time for this to be done and now, again it's taking a long time to flaten/address this plate and so far, nothing further has been done. This plate is not only noisy, unfriendly to cars and unsightly! Why does it have to take so long to address these issues?

    Thank you.