New York City Council 49th District

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  • 99 Hendricks Ave Staten Island, NY - New Brighton
    3 family home damaged by fire in June 2010, since abandoned, not weatherproofed, suffering damage, trespass, fire danger. Bank owned? citations on door not acted upon for months
  • 82 Clifton Ave Staten Island NY 10305 - City Council District 49
    broken glass, trash, broken gate all over driveway. Urban blight.
  • 1510 Clove Rd Staten Island, NY 10301, USA - Clifton
    Coming down Emerson drive, the light on the east bound service road used to be synced with the light on the west bound side. It no longer is.
  • Willowbrook Pkwy New York, NY - Westerleigh-Castleton

    There are 2 huge potholes on the entrance of the ramp to the Bayonne Bridge between Trantor /440 N and Dr. M L K Jr. Expy. These potholes are very dangerous and unavoidable since they are right next to each other. I take this route every day for work and have punctured a tire from these potholes and am fearful of them, especially in rain or snow. Please fix this ASAP!

    Thank You!

  • 107 Westchester Drive Clifton Park, New York - City Council District 49
    The owner of this property died over a year ago. I am not clear on who owns the property now but the lawn is at least over 2 feet high. There have been many complaints by any one who walks by, and then there's the fear of ticks. This neighborhood is filled with dogs, we all walk by this property. It looks condemned. Why is this allowed? Isn't there something that can be done?
  • Tree removal Archived
    199 Merrill Ave Staten Island, NY 10314, USA - Mariners Harbor
    Tree covered with green fungus and leaning badly into street
  • 45 Mersereau Ave Richmond, Ny - Mariners Harbor
    In the middle of the street there are kids who play either football or have a hoop where they play in the middle of the street. They constantly lean on or bump cars.
  • Cheshire Ln New York, New York - Clifton
  • 2501 West Broad Street Richmond, VA - Clifton
    There is a sapling that was planted in the early spring near the Davis Street Bus Stop that is now dead and leaning over toward Broad Street; that needs to be removed.
  • 17 Laurel Way Fort Montgomery, NY - Clifton
    Service in the Town of Highlands is hit or miss
  • 2501 West Broad Street Richmond , VA - Clifton
    bulk pick up of dressers and mattress box springs in alley area of 2501 West Broad Street Richmond VA
  • 49 Mersereau Avenue New York, New York - Mariners Harbor
    street light out