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  • 5463–5499 Eliots Oak Rd Columbia 21044, United States - Columbia
    This decades old sign at the intersection of Harpers Farm and Eliots Oak is damaged, faded, listing badly, soiled, and unsightly. Can it please be removed?
    Thank you.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    10100 Twin Rivers Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    I saw another near accident this weekend. A car didn't even slow down at the intersection and almost hit a bus. This intersection needs a light right now.
  • Lawn Damage Archived
    Castile Ct Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Massive damage with deep ruts, ripped up grass, and mud to the center of our court. Please repair this damage.
  • 6497 Red Keel Hickory Ridge, MD 21044, United States of America - Columbia
    My 2 yr tripped and scrapped knee
  • 6409 Silent Moon Run Clarksville, MD, 21029, USA - Columbia
    Ice in the cul de sac. Heavy. Needs sand and deicer. Comes from freezing water run off
  • Pothole Archived
    5990 Camelback Ln Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    This actually looks like a sinkhole. It is right beside a manhole cover in the middle of the road. The depression in the pavement appears to be getting deeper and deeper.
  • Pothole Closed
    High Tor Hill Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Potholes repaired within the past few months with square patches are already coming apart. Chunks and pieces are coming up. Not repaired very well. All the way up on both sides to the ends. Needs to fixed again.
  • 6322–6358 Cedar Ln Columbia 21044, United States - Columbia
    I’m not sure if it’s the lighting or the lane markings themselves, but the lanes lines along Cedar Lane are VERY difficult to see when it’s raining at night, particularly in this stretch near Freetown Road.
  • Pothole Archived
    Seneca Drive Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Large potholes on Seneca Dr.
  • Shaker Dr Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    The attached picture is of the Route 32 off ramp to Shaker Drive, taken on 3-6-19. It is amazing how much litter accumulates there in such a short time. Perhaps, our new county representatives can solve the problem. I hope our new representatives can accomplish something that past representatives Pendergrass, Bobo, Ecker, Schrader, Guzzone, Terrasa and Irwin (Public Works Director), were never able to achieve with any measure of success. Please set up some kind of special program to identify litter hotspots in the county and increase the frequency of scheduled clean-ups for those “special areas”.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    8523 Guilford Rd Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    Large branch is down blocking the sidewalk and 1/2 of the turning lane. Hammond High school student walkers use this sidewalk everyday - they will have to walk in the middle of the 3 lane road to circumvent it.
  • Fire hydrant Archived
    6117 Sebring Dr Columbia, MD, 21044, USA - Columbia
    Large branch blocking road