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  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    10100 Twin Rivers Rd Columbia, MD 21044, USA - Columbia
    I saw another near accident this weekend. A car didn't even slow down at the intersection and almost hit a bus. This intersection needs a light right now.
  • 5463–5499 Eliots Oak Rd Columbia 21044, United States - Columbia
    This decades old sign at the intersection of Harpers Farm and Eliots Oak is damaged, faded, listing badly, soiled, and unsightly. Can it please be removed?
    Thank you.
  • 6497 Red Keel Hickory Ridge, MD 21044, United States of America - Columbia
    My 2 yr tripped and scrapped knee
  • 9727 Polished Stone Kings Contrivance, MD 21046, United States of America - Columbia
    Water flowing down the street and sidewalk n going problem for several months
  • 9703 Polished Stone Kings Contrivance, MD 21046, United States of America - Columbia
    Lots of drainage flowing down Polished Stone from yards and grassy areas. Ice is an issue. Looks like this has been ongoing for a while.
  • 6479 Freetown Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Speed limit sign is hanging upside down. On Freetown Road just North of the intersection with Quarterstaff.
  • 6409 Silent Moon Run Clarksville, MD, 21029, USA - Columbia
    Ice in the cul de sac. Heavy. Needs sand and deicer. Comes from freezing water run off
  • 6391 Shadowshape Pl Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    Only half of circle plowed. First time in 32 years that plow has not gone around full circle. Puzzling. Also, cannot find the "Snow & Ice Control" Category I've seen others report. Neighbors are shoveling
  • 10001-10023 Shaker Dr Columbia, MD, 21046, USA - Columbia
    I picked up several bags of trash on the Route 32 West exit ramp and placed it at the intersection of of the exit ramp and Shaker Drive. Can someone please pick it up. Thank you.
  • 6440 Freetown Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Pedestrian Crossing sign is down on Freetown Road close to the gas station.
  • Pothole Archived
    5358 Thunder Hill Rd Columbia, MD, 21045, USA - Columbia
    At 5438 on Southbound Thunder Hill Rd, Columbia, MD a LARGE ASPHALT PATCH HAS SUNK into the Southbound roadway. The patch is about the size of an automobile. It has sunk beneath the level of the roadway to such an extent that it has become a serious hazard. When I cross this sunken patch, it creates a significant "bump" and pulls my steering to one side or the other. It has sunk so much now that I see it as an accident, or at least vehicle damage, just WAITING TO HAPPEN! Request investigation into cause of subsidence, correction, and repair of patch. Many thanks. Eric Whichard 410 964 9548
  • Pothole Archived
    10431 Hickory Ridge Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Hickory Ridge Road between Athletic Field Drive going towards Martin Road the road is riddled with potholes. Some have been previously haphazardly filled and are becoming an issue again. This road needs to be resurfaced, i see people swerving to avoid the lines of potholes every day. Please address this permanently to avoid damage or accidents. Thank you