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    802 Main Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Traffic signal at Main Street and Jefferson Avenue is exceptionally slow. Wait time on Jefferson Avenue is more than 60 seconds even when no traffic on Main Street. And the green light for Jefferson is very quick -- 3 or 4 cars at the most even when more are waiting.
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    903 Main Street Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Unregistered vehicle. Temporary tag expired long ago. White pickup truck.
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    657 Craghead St Danville 24541, United States - Danville
    Please cut this tree back so the branches will not be hanging over the sidewalk. Thank you.
  • 312 Linden Drive Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Power line is down Laying across a sidewalk and across the street
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    209 Main St Danville, VA 24541, USA - Danville
    fish eyeball loose in New bench at the fountain
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    1109 N Riverwalk Trl Danville 24540, United States - Danville
    It would nice, if bathrooms next to public works where unlock. People still use the riverwalk during fall/winter months of the year. These bathroom have been left unlock regardless of the season. If they still need to be repair due to storm damaged, please provide porta johns in the public works parking lot. Thank you. Marathon Runner.
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    255 Randolph Street Danville, VA - Danville
    No power
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    126 Westmoreland Court Danville, Virginia - Danville
    There is a large tree limb hanging in the median that needs to be removed so that it does not fall on someone's vehicle.
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    1099 N Riverwalk Trl Danville 24540, United States - Danville
    River walk bridge. Found it
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    Lynn St- Halifax Rd Danville, Virginia - Danville
    power line across railroad tracks between Lynn st and Halifax Rd on Norfolk Southern railroad tracks
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    117 Canterbury Road Danville, Virginia - Danville
    Grass clippings out in street (grass cut on 8/8). This is an eyesore and occurs throughout my neighborhood, on West Main, etc. Also look at 120 and 150 Clarendon, corner of West Main and Canterbury and medium strip in front of hospital on West Main (grass cut on 8/9). I have many more pictures and would like to share those as well.
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    427 Patton St Danville 24541, United States - Danville
    Ark bench on river walk at white bridge damaged