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  • Sunset Lane South Hamilton, Massachusetts - US Congressional District MA6
    There are several large pot holes on Sunset Lane. They are dangerous, a pedestrian could break an ankle or a vehicle could blow out a tire.
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    24 Perkins Street Wenham, Massachusetts - Wenham, MA
    We are very concerned about the huge pine trees across the street from us, at the Buker School. There are large holes created by birds/squirrels, in one section. There are many dead areas on each of the trees. Periodically large as well as small branches have fallen from them. Children play under those trees, and when branches fall, they build with them. We believe those trees to be a hazard to those playing or walking near them. We are concerned that in a storm, branches or even the trees themselves may fall, pulling down the power lines near them, and possibly damage our property as well.
    Thank you in advance for your response.
    Don and Sue Killam