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  • Road kill Archived
    505 Carolina Ave Raleigh, NC 27606, USA - West
    There are 2 dead animals literally right in front of my house near my driveway. I'm worried about the children seeing them laying there dead so I may have my boyfriend put them inside the green trash barrel. Which will be right in front of my near The the street. Can someone please remove them before it starts to smell.
  • High House And 55 Cary, North Carolina - Cary
    When you pull up on 55 in the left turn lane to turn on high house, the light changes wrong, allowing you and others to sit of 2-3 mins waiting for the cycle. When you pull up it immediately turns red for both south and north lane, then allows green for green level/ high house (usually no one there as i am on the road at 2-3 am) then eventually turns green on my side after a full traffic cycle for the other lanes.