South Forsyth

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South Forsyth County
Suwanee and Cumming zip codes

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  • 2410 Pebble Creek Ln Cumming, GA 30041, USA - US Congressional District GA9
    It looks like the bulbs may be out.
  • 3630 Mcginnis Ferry Road Alpharetta, Georgia - US Congressional District GA7
    Spent over 10 lights waiting to cross the intersection for what it's only 1/10 of a mile stretch. Causing blocking off hospital entrance, congestion in local shopping centers and we'll over a mile of backed up traffic.
  • 7275 Fawn Lake Drive Alpharetta, Georgia - US Congressional District GA7
  • 5290 Deerlake Dr Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA - US Congressional District GA7
    Spa at pool hasn't functioned for 2 seasons. Need eta of repair date.
  • 165 Fieldstone Edge Alpharetta, Georgia - Alpharetta
    A dark blue car has been sitting in front of this house and has not moved for over 3 months or longer. It has a flat tire that occasionally gets fixed and goes flat again. Currently flat. Bringing down property values. Most days there are a minimum of 8 cars consistently parked on this steeet! Help!
  • 5362-5364 Mcginnis Ferry Road Johns Creek, Georgia - Johns Creek
    Can the city please install flashing left turn traffic signals at the intersection of McGinnis Ferry @ Faircroft/Wyndgate Trail? The left turn signal to turn onto McGinnis Ferry from Faircroft takes forever to change.
  • 5751 Mcginnis Ferry Road Johns Creek, Georgia - Johns Creek
    Does the city plan to install flashing left-turn arrow traffic signals at the McGinnis Ferry Rd @ Jones Bridge Rd/Brookwood Rd intersection? If so will they be installed before or after the road widenings are completed?
  • 6640-6694 Windward Pkwy Alpharetta, GA 30005, USA - Alpharetta
    Hello - there is a large dead limb precariously hanging over the roadway on Windward Pkwy travelling westbound after the intersection of McGinnis Ferry but before the first neighborhood on the right. It looks to be barely attached and once it falls it could block the roadway or cause serious damage to motorists.
  • 5713-5739 Mcginnis Ferry Rd Johns Creek, GA 30005, USA - Johns Creek
    Deer laying on right side of road.
  • 11297-11299 Bell Rd Johns Creek GA 30097 - Johns Creek

    At 415, a 1/4 mile back up because the light was timed to 15 seconds. Took 12 minutes to get through. Why? Why is this light so inconsistent. Why is McGinnis Ferry and Old Atlanta Road running without delay, but Bell Road gets 15 seconds? As always, I have video I can send.

    Can you please check the light. My most recent post was never assigned and I closed myself.

  • Jones Bridge Rd Johns Creek, GA 30005, USA - Johns Creek
    Will the Jones Bridge Road widening project (from 2 to 4 lanes) be constructed in conjunction with the Brookwood Road widening project? It seems as if it would make sense logistically for both projects to be on the same or similar construction/completion timeline. Brookwood Road will be 4 lanes, how will Jones Bridge Road and Brookwood Road intersect if Jones Bridge Road remains a 2 lane road after Brookwood Road has been widened to 4 lanes?
  • Jones Bridge Rd Johns Creek, GA 30005, USA - Johns Creek