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  • Mcginnis Ferry At Vicarage Walk - Johns Creek

    HELP us, please! Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result is not a good use of our tax dollars. What does it take for a Johns Creek official to react appropriately to a dangerous intersection? How many times does one stop sign need to be knocked out of the ground? (It happened again this weekend.) How many accidents need to occur?
    High Visibility sign base designs should be used at the intersection of McGinnis Ferry and Vicarage Walk. Johns Creek officials: 1) please add a more visible stop sign; 2) add DO NOT BLOCK THE BOX signs; and 3) paint the box on the road. Do not block the box signs and paint already exist in other areas of JC, in front of subdivision entrances where traffic blocks cars from entering or exiting the subdivision, just like Vicarage.

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