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For community issues in Asheville and Buncombe County. Log persistent nuisances, illegal activity, environmental and zoning violations. Citizens may point out locations for needed projects, modifications to past or emerging projects; and sites for great ideas, changes and/or problems in general.

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  • 74 Galax Ave Asheville, NC - Asheville
    Virginia Ave off of Haywood rd and Galax Ave off of Virginia. we need street calming on these two areas before somebody gets run over.
  • 78 Patton Avenue Asheville, NC 28801, USA - Asheville
    In North Carolina, the law dictates that motorists yield to pedestrians wherever there is the designated white stripe walkway pattern on the road. Near city hall, there are many of these and there are signs to remind (and inform tourists) the public that state law requires motorists yield. However at this crosswalk, pedestrians are repeatedly endangered by motorists who do not yield. Given the dense pedestrian traffic (this is the pointed corner of Pritchard Park), I'd like the city to put up a flashing light sign - or at least a sign - instructing motorists to follow the law. I believe that this would reduce injuries and make the community more walkable and pleasant overall.
  • Blue Ridge Pkwy Asheville, NC 28805, USA - Asheville
    The BRP needs to start enforcing their noise mitigation policies!
  • Riverside Drive Towards Woodfin Buncombe County, NC - Woodfin
    I am hoping someone could talk to me about bike/car traffic on Riverside Drive headed towards Old Leicester Hwy. I drive this road multiple times every day and I have seen SO MANY (seriously, so many) instances of bicyclists and cars nearly colliding. Heavy bike traffic with no lane (or shoulder) is extremely dangerous due to the winding road causing blind spots for everyone. Yesterday there was almost a head on collision as a car tried to pass a cyclist around a curve. It was terrifying to watch. With all that space by the railroad track and such heavy bike traffic, can there be a lane??
  • 369-385 Kimberly Ave Asheville, NC 28804, USA - Asheville
    Many people run this stop sign on Kimberly. A round-about would solve this. But for now we need police monitoring.
  • 40 Pinedale Road Asheville, NC - Asheville
    I live across the street and this house has grafitti with Nazi signs and other offensive grafitti for over 3-4 months now.
    I believe the house is bank owned and is on the market, but they have not spent the money to remove the grafitti. I think it is time somebody enforces it as it is an eyesore to me and everyone who passes Pinedale road.
  • Marjorie St Asheville, NC - Asheville
    the meter on Marjorie street at the end closest to Valley street did not register time when I put in quarters. I usually park in lot 9 but am only going to be here a couple of hours so did not want to take a space that someone who might be here all day would need.
  • 29 Wagon Road Asheville , NC USA - Asheville
    Blue and orange pickup truck has illegal exhaust system. Plate BX 5177
  • 295 Webb Creek Rd Fairview, NC - Buncombe County
    Most drivers zip through this residential area via its narrow, curvy, mountain road going way too fast (upwards of 60mph), and this road is also heavily trafficked by pedestrians (bicyclists, walkers/runners, children). There's no speed limit sign posted on the entire road. We'd also love several speed bumps installed to decrease speeding, in addition to law enforcement monitoring. It's not safe, and I'm afraid someone is going to get fatally injured before too long.
  • 26 Griffing Cir Asheville, NC 28804, USA - Asheville
    Clogged culvert causing flooding into properties during rain fall.
  • Moores Circle black mountain, NC - Buncombe County
    Horrible potholes all the way from Moores St to Pine to Locust. Please fix!
  • I- 40 Swannanoa, NC - Swannanoa
    Huge pot hole on bridge at exit 59 left lane of West bound lanes.