Jan Andras

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Member of Legislative Council District 1

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  • 5 And 6 Queen Street Newtown Ct 06470 - Newtown
    The busiest commercial area in Newtown, CT had about five banks, two grocery stores, a new hardware store and many other businesses. We need a Post Office drop box. Two would be better.
  • 7 Castle Hill Rd Newtown, CT - Newtown
    There has been a broken water pipe causing water to run down the bottom of Castle Hill, right after coming down the hill and around the sharp turn. The entire lane is covered with ice and slush. It has been this way for over a week.
  • Pothole Open
    Newtown Ct - Newtown
  • 32 Taunton Lake Drive Newtown, Connecticut - Newtown
    Male, Tan/White, 32 lbs, 2 years old, last seen 06/25/2014 32 Taunton Lake Dr and Mt Pleasant Terrace Newtown CT Call 1-888-466-3242 # 985112003126485