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  • 540 Hoyt Street Darien, CT - Darien
    There are NO sidewalks available along Route 106 to the Talmadge Hill Metro North train station. This is Hoyt Street in Darien and Old Stamford Road in New Canaan. The issue has been raised with the Town and the State multiple times by many concerned parties going back to 2004. Commuters walk along minimal to no shoulder, in speeding traffic (often 50mph in a 30mph zone) without adequate signage to warn motorists of their presence, no crosswalks for the three cul-de-sac neighborhoods that feed this area, and a lack of lighting. The workers going to the country club along this stretch use the road as pedestrians, as do residents in neighborhood homes.
  • 2-12 Christie Hill Rd Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    The sidewalks are too narrow for kids and parents to safely walk to and from Holmes school. Half the time you need to walk in the street, which is not safe due to the aggressive drivers that are backed up to the intersection.
  • 2 Locust Hill Rd darien, ct - Darien
    There is so much speeding that occurs at this intersection and is unsafe. There is no sidewalk either leading to this area of town (which would be nice), but an inexpensive way to slow down traffic and make it safe for pedestrians to cross would be a stop sign and a crosswalk. Otherwise it continues to be dangerous for commuters and children to cross right now.
  • Noroton Ave And Park Place Noroton Ave. and Clock Ave. - Darien
    Cars rarely stop for pedestrians waiting to cross at crosswalks. I suggest putting some police officers nearby and start ticketing.
  • 99 Mclaren Rd Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    Very dangerous intersection to turn left onto Mansfield from McLaren Rd. Poor view of oncoming Mansfield traffic.
  • 2-40 Lakeside Ave Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    Drivers constantly speed along Lakeside Avenue, including people late for their train and large trucks. It's only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or killed by a speeding driver along this street, and it will most likely be a young child who is visiting the park or lives along Lakeside Avenue. Speed bumps are needed to help slow traffic down on this residential street.
  • 2-8 Connecticut 106 Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    The traffic at the intersection of Middlesex/Hoyt/Christie Hill is getting out of control in the morning between 8:25 and 9:00 a.m. This is clearly unavoidable and something needs to be done. Traffic is backed up from the intersection of Hoyt/Middlesex/Christie Hill to Research Drive in Stamford and backed up in the opposite direction on Hoyt Street to Heather Lane on 106. The Crossing Guard is not being attentive to the drivers, instead, lets every dog walker and parent/child walking to school have the right of way for a good portion of 30 minutes every morning and every afternoon. I am not saying safety is not Number 1 here, that is clearly the most important issue. What I am saying is, he should wait for a group of parents/children to accumulate at the intersection before you stop all traffic in all directions. This is an accident waiting to happen. Just this morning there were 6 cars making illegal u-turns in the middle of Hoyt Street to avoid this massive back up that is happening every morning. Either put a light at that intersection and have the walkers wait for THEIR signal, or someone needs to better manage that intersection. Traveling that route in the morning and around 3:00 p.m. is almost unbearable. Cars also block the entrance/exit of the school and will not let parents/students/teachers exit the school without waiting 5 minutes or longer. Does anyone else agree?
  • 118-120 Noroton Ave Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    The traffic light timing for changing needs to be modified so that those waiting to turn onto Noroton Ave. from Ledge Rd. on Sat. don;t have to be in a line of cras that backs up to I95 southbound exit ramp. It's CRAZY.
  • 267-291 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    These obstructions at the corner of Deepwood and Hollow Tree Ridge are especially dangerous when school is in session -- many people including new teenage drivers travel this route. Please have the mailbox moved and one of the telephone poles removed as well (The second pole was placed there in March 2010 after the storm and CL&P then never came back to complete their work.
  • 18 Great Hill Road Darien, CT 06820 - Darien
    Office Ken has pointed out that no lane marks mean a single lane. Rt 1 between the Darien Train and the Duchess needs to shoulder marking while line to make it very clear it is a single lane.
  • Lynn Ct Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    Lynn Court is need of repaving the storm drains are sinking, the road is ful of major cracks and they are effecting our driveways. Many small children live on this street and it is dangerous. Roads in surrounding area were repaved and Lynn Court is in worst condition than they were. I have lived here for 20 years and not once has the road been repaved. It's sinking on the sides also. Please fix!
  • 75-99 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd Darien, CT 06820, USA - Darien
    I am a darien homeowner/resident and I live on Red Cedar Drive. In living here for the past three or so years I've noticed a good deal of high speed traffic from norton heights on Hollow Tree Ridge toward the post rd. And I've called the police about it a few times. When I'm leaving my street many times cars come zipping past as I'm trying to turn onto Hollow Tree Ridge and often times on my way home I also have people on my rearend as I'm turning that sharp corner and start breaking to turn left onto Red Cedar Drive. people tend to travel that road at a high rate of speed and I've had people beep their horn at me because I'm slowing down to make that turn onto my street. Maybe more signs posting a speed limit would help with that or speed bumps like the ones hillside uses to deter speeding. Just a recommendation because I don't want to be involved in a accident because someone is speeding in my neighborhood. Not to the mention the tons of children playing in the area. I hope the town can help to reduce speed in our neighborhood for everyone's sake.