Fort Dix, McGuire and Lakehurst Military Bases

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Watching issues created after: 2011-05-27

Residents which comprise of soldiers and civilians within our housing areas.

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  • 1602 Catharine St Philadelphia, PA 19146, USA - Schuylkill Southwest

    The Philadelphia Police Department camera has been removed from this location and needs to be put back up as soon as possible. This location is problematic and still subject to crime.

    The activity at 16th and Catherine poses security problems for the neighborhood.

  • 5400 Cedar Ave Philadelphia, PA - Cobbs Creek
    This corner property has been abandoned for several years. It is a place that is being used for illegal dumping and crime. It is an eyesore and a drag on the rest of the adjacent blocks of well maintained properties. Absentee owner has not taken any steps for several years to rectify the issue.
  • 1530 Catharine St. Philadelphia, PA - Schuylkill Southwest
    Groups of men associated with known gangs and the mostly incarcerated Myers family occupy this area almost 24 hours a day. Family that just moved into neighboring house has already moved due to the loitering, crime, trash and total disregard for personal property. They constantly use recycling bins and chairs to reserve parking spots and then threaten you if you park there. They loiter in front of Foodbase. They sell drugs on the corner. They litter in the drains which are routinely covered with trash. They represent a bad image for the neighborhood.
  • FORECLOSURE Archived
    7135 Edmund Street Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    House located at 7135 Edmund Street is a foreclosure. The property is constantly infested with squirrels that have destroyed the roof. The yard is not secured and someone was found by neighbors breaking into if from the yard to steal the pipes from the house. We have had enough crime in the last week with a 93 yr old neighbor’s car being stolen and house robbed all in the same week
  • 700-799 S. 8th St. Philadelphia, PA - Bella Vista

    The 700 block of South 8th Street (between Christian and Fitzwater streets) is perpetually covered with trash. We've lived nearby for seven years and at no point has the block been clean.

    Is the city aware that this block exists? Does street sweeping exist?

    It truly is a blight on the neighborhood, and such disregard invites crime.

  • 4300 Penn St Block Frankford, Philadelphia, PA - Frankford, Philadelphia
    Crime wave of breaking & entering & removing copper plumbing from homes and anything else not nailed down in this block. Need an alley light in alley leading from Imogene St. which alley runs behind residents' homes on Penn St.
  • 2500 S Dewey Street Philadelphia, PA - Philadelphia Planning District Lower Southwest
    over grown trees leaves and branches growing unruly from top to base on to side walk streets and street light ,, high crime area many children , trees obstructing view unable to make out or inability to distinguish images or figures during night hours ...due to obstruction...many incidents of crime in immediate neighborhood and area
    street is evidence of problem ...
  • 8000 Lindbergh Blvd Philadelphia, PA - Eastwick
    The street lights have been out on the whole block going on 4 weeks now. It is the even side of the block only from 8000 Lindbergh Blvd corner down towards 82nd street (about 10-12 lights) .We the residents have been given the run a round and been blown off by 311, the Streets dept, and Peco. Our next step will be to the tv news media. Channels 3,6,10, 29 and any others that can help us! Crime is rampant and the lights are vital. The 37 & 108 Septa bus stops are in total darkness. Cars have been vandalized. What will it take to get the lights fixed , a murder?
  • 4728 Knorr Street Philadelphia, PA - Tacony
    In this weeks N.E. Times 8/15 Letters to the Editor a person wrote his comments reguarding the revitilization of Tacony and the spending on redevolopment of the Torresdale avenue corridor. As sad as its to say, it's true. Have you ever seen a neighborhood build up quickly after a decline? How can you rebuild a corrodor when you cannot get responses from authorities with in the surrounding neighborhood. You can call and complain about nusience situations and nothing... NE colition and Town Watch advice to call 911, the district, 311. Noone responds. The hemmorage of decay of this and surrounding is so rapid, and nothings being done. Do not respond and call me a basher, to get involved more then I'm in now. I've lived in this area for more then 30 years and never seen the politics in such a disarray. The response times of the police so slow. People are calling out for help, to be ignored. You don't have to be an official to figure out the easiest way to combat crime. You send out community relations officers and find the trouble source. Recently on this fourm and see click fix may issues have been brought to the attention, and so far non resolved. Again I ask the question, Why?
  • 2327 S Franklin St Philadelphia, PA - South Philadelphia

    The City knocked down an unsafe building, which is great, but this needs more work before it becomes (yet another) vacant lot filled with illegally dumped trash.

    1) The fence needs to be permanently affixed to the walls on either side. The current freestanding fence is easily moved and knocked over, so now people can go around it to access the backyards of all the residents of the east side of Franklin and the west side of Beulah. As our backyards were previously inaccessible to all but ourselves, this is a major crime concern.

    2) The equipment used to tear the building down completely crumbled and collapsed the sidewalk. The property frontage is now all rubble and dirt. We are concerned about both damage to the water and sewer pipes, and the danger this poses to the street's many elderly residents and children.

  • 1730-1816 Germantown Ave Philadelphia, PA 19122, USA - Kensington

    Two empty lots both ripe for crime. It's on a single block. It's the 1800 block. There is no address for these lots I can find.
    These lots are on Germantown Ave. between W. Montgomery Ave and Berks St.

    A great deal of illegal dumping, sometimes drug addicts set up camp in these lots too. Weeds are taller 5ft tall. I've had to run from dogs in one of these lots twice.

    Considering Sabina Rose O'Donnell was dragged into such a lot and murdered mere blocks away at the beginning of last summer this needs to be remedied. It's scary walking by these lots even during the day on the way to the grocery store.
    Fine the absent owner. Clean it up.

  • 273 W Erie Ave Philadelphiaphia, PA 19147 - Queen Village
    ENTIRE EAST BLOCK OF LIGHTS ARE OUT: between Reed St. and Dickinson St. on the 1400 Block of South Broad Street. Have been out for 6 weeks minimum, even after using SeeClickFix to report the porblem. Block is very dark at night to pedestrians and drivers, parking is difficult at night, there's an increased potential for petty crime such as muggings and graffiti and vehicular accidents in the area due to this. Also reported and called to the Dept. of Streets. What is going on? Please just fix the problem already.