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  • 236-246 Jackson Ave Syosset, NY 11791, USA - Syosset
    The road is littered with potholes, it is worse than any street in NYC. When is this going to be fixed?
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  • 611-623 Townline Rd Hauppauge, NY - Hauppauge
    25mph school zone for middle and high schools. drivers speed at 40mph+, speed into oncoming traffic around slower cars stopped school buses. Town does nothing, police do nothing. Only a matter of time before we have maimed and dead children -- perhaps by the busload -- on this stretch of road.
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  • New York 110 Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
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  • Woodbury Road And Venus Road Syosset, NY - Plainview
    Manhole cover was repaired last year after the road was recently repaved. The Town of Oyster Bay removed part of the sunken road and attempted to repave the unleveled area. To date, when a car, bus, or truck drive over the manhole cover, it lifts and slams down so loudly it reverberates throughout the neighborhood. During rush hour, it makes this noise hundreds upon hundreds of times. At night, the noise wakes you from sleep. It wasn't installed correctly when they repaved and realigned Woodbury Road. In addition, the white lines on the side of the road, don't allow homeowners to safely enter their cars parked on Woodbury Road. We now must park upon the sidewalk. Whatever company did is job should be ashamed. In addition, the road was without painted lines and a young boy died. The following day the lines were painted. Please correct this manhole cover issue, and in the future, paint the lines as soon as possible. Perhaps it could save lives !
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  • 148a Daly Road East Northport, NY 11731, USA - Dix Hills
    Potholes pockmark the eastbound Northern State. Futile attempts to cold press some of the potholes during the warmer months scare the road when portion of the highway should have been repaved. It should be noted that for a least 5 years this situation has existed with DOT not properly rectifying the situation.
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  • Interstate 495 Ronkonkoma, NY 11779, USA - Ronkonkoma
    LIE Westbound, right lane, exactly at the turnoff for Exit 59; top 2-3" of pavement is slicing off very quickly within a 150-200 square foot area (contained within the right lane) and has been repaired in the past but is quickly deteriorating.
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  • Mineola Ave And Old Northern - Roslyn
    cant see lines or arrows on road. Creates confusion daily! Called the tonh dept of road works last year......
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  • 4935 Express Dr S Lake Ronkonkoma, NY - Lake Ronkonkoma
    there is massive destruction to the exit ramp off of exit 60 on the LIE heading eastbound. Worst patch of road I have seen on the island. I would highly recommend fixing this before lawsuits occur.
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  • 454/347 Open
    454/347 At Gatewood Drive - Hauppauge
    Patch in roadway causes LOUD noises when passed over by tractor trailers. All night long. Can this be repaired?
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  • 9 E Mill Dr Great Neck, NY 11021, USA - University Gardens
    East Mill Road, right at the intersection has several large potholes. They are usually filled in with a temporary fix only to have the holes come back and usually larger than before.
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  • 185 Adams Ave Hauppauge, NY 11788, USA - Hauppauge
    craterholes along the intersection of Adams avenue turn signal when bearing left turn onto Motor parkway, Hauppauge.
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  • 135 Ruland Rd Melville, NY 11747, USA - Melville
    Ruland Road from Pinelawn Rd to Rt. 110 is horrendous !
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