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Southeast Huntsville

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  • 2235 National Blvd Sw Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    South Parkway needs a boost! IKEA, Whole Foods, etc - there is plenty of unused retail space down here!
  • Trader Joe's Archived
    2124 Cecil Ashburn Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
  • 2720 Carl T Jones Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    There is nothing like it in Huntsville. We need a IKEA store.
  • Trader Joes Archived
    4851 Whitesburg Dr S Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    We need a Trader Joe's! The only place to get good organic and dairy-free or gluten-free foods here is earth fare and their prices are ridiculous. Trader Joe's is a lot cheaper and they have just as good a selection!.
  • 9030 Mims Ct Ne Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Empty shopping center. Only Staples & Burkes Outlet left. Even the Hardees is closed. Good middle class neighborhood in area would support a Kohl's. Rather than driving to Madison City.
  • 11909 Memorial Pkwy Sw Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    There are very few nice sit down chain restaurants in this area which is growing quickly with residential areas and is near one of the access gates to Redstone Arsenal.
  • 554-556 Farmingdale Rd Se Huntsville, AL 35803, USA - Huntsville
    TV cable not buried. Replaced months ago, and still lying out in yards.
  • 10102-10104 Cahaba Drive Southwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Stop signs were recently added at the intersection of Mythewood Dr. and Cahaba. The while line on Mythewood,indicating where the vehicles do the full stop are too close to the intersection. There is a drain with a high concrete curb on Cahaba that requires that the vehicle making a right turn to Mythewood has to make it very wide to prevent puncturing a tire. This places the vehicle almost head on to the vehicle heading West on Mythewood. The white stop line on Mythewood has to be set back to allow for a safe turn from Cahaba
  • 3039-3049 Cecil Ashburn Dr Se Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    The street light at this location is currently laying on the ground. This light gets knocked down on a regular basis by vehicles that spin out and jump the curb. The street sign approximately 20 feet before the light post has never been hit. Relocate the light, out of harm's way. thanks
  • Trader Joe's Archived
    9020 Bailey Cove Rd Se Huntsville, AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
  • 4240 Balmoral Dr Sw Huntsville, AL 35801, USA - Huntsville
    The very popular University Drive location would offer this area a diversity away from American cuisine next door (Baumhowers, Logans) and nearby (Applebys, Outback). O'Charley's has been a great neighbor...sorry to see you go!
  • Huntsville AL 35802, USA - Huntsville
    Trader Joe's, Cheddars, Olive Garden, Macy's, Nordstrum's - any or all of these or similar businesses - would be great to have in this empty area or the vacant area near Sam's and Lowe's.