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  • Allen St Buffalo, NY 14201, USA - Allentown
    On Allen Street, between College and Marinier, there are two empty tree beds. They have been this way for at least 2 years and the weather has worn down the dirt to create huge holes between 6" and 8". One of the holes now has a large chunk of concrete sticking out of it. With the active night life of this area, it is only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured.
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  • Sobieski Street Buffalo, New York - Broadway-Fillmore
    The population on that street keeps increasing by the year.There is a mosque on that street as well which is in use 5 times a day. That street is in real bad shape. It needs to be fixed. A new pothole occurs every now and then.
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  • need plowing Archived
    234-246 Sobieski St Buffalo, New York - Broadway-Fillmore
    roads needs plowing
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  • 103 Central Park Plz Buffalo, NY 14214 - Leroy
    A decaying plaza that is a direct result of a out of town landlord that uses it for tax break(at least I think).
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  • 340 Pleasant Avenue Hamburg, New York - Hamburg
    This section of road, just after the tracks continuing to Lake Ave is ALWAYS rough and full of large potholes - every year.
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  • 317 Pleasant Avenue Hamburg, NY 14075 - Hamburg
    There are several potholes in both directions between the train tracks and Lake Street on Pleasant Avenue in Hamburg, NY.
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  • 3500 Main St. Buffalo, NY 14226 - Waterfront
    Plaza in the University Heights with significant stores drawing college students and community members -- yesterday evening (off-peak) there were at least five bikes parked precariously with chains and U-bolts around trees, benches and others just lying on the ground in absence of bicycle racks.
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  • Clinton Street West Seneca, NY - West Seneca
    Guard rails need to be put up along Clinton Street at the bend near Miller's Restaurant to protect homes and businesses from being hit by erratic drivers.
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  • Vanderbilt Avenue North tonawanda, NY - North Tonawanda
    Vanderbilt avenue, located between Ruie And Wurlitzer roads, is in drastic need of repair/ repaving. After a tax funded $10,000,000 bond to rehab the school that's located on Vanderbilt avenue, there has been nothing but pot holes and drainage problems
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  • 34 Oxford Ave. Buffalo, NY - Delaware-West Ferry
    This house has vagrants living there. Drug dealers also broke into the back for their use. The front yard contains lots of trash. Various broken windows
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  • 143 Sobieski St Buffalo, NY - Broadway-Fillmore
    dead tree at 143 sobieski st must be removed before its rooted out by high winds this winter.
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  • 1634 New York 33 Corfu, NY 14036, USA - Genesee County
    I live at 1634 Genesee at the south end of Boyce across Rt 33. The sign on 33 that shows a left or right turn is needed has been sheared off 2 times since we bought the property in June of 09. My garage was hit once before. It sits 130' from Rt 33. I cant believe nobody has not been T-boned ! Time for STOP ahead signs on Boyce and a guard rail in front of my property as Colby has. Drain ditch,yard and my trees have been damaged again. Please help with this,it may cause us to move if this hazzard is not addressed,thank you John Kress
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