River Hill Village Manager

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  • 6404 Quiet Night Ride Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Missing reflective posts on traffic calming on Quiet Night Ride and Grateful Heart Gate.
  • 6330 Trotter Road Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    street sign marking island is down at the intersection of Summer Sunrise Drive and Trotter Road.
  • 12401-12421 Auto Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Howard County
    Sign on the island on Auto Drive (at MD 108) is down. Therefore drivers may not see the raised concrete island if turning on to Auto Drive.
  • Pothole Archived
    6001 Pure Sky Place Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    large pothole at the intersection of Pure Sky Place and Countless Stars Run
  • 11701-11757 Little Patuxent Parkway Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    A street light pole was hit by a tree during the storm and the light fixture portion was broken off. It smashed below. Someone has moved the majority of pieces into a pile on the parking strip. There is still some glass in the grass. I am concerned about children and pets and the accessibility of the broken metal and glass . The debris needs to be removed.
  • Summer Sunrise Drive Columbia , Maryland - Columbia
    Complaint received from a resident: there is a growing hole in the road on Summer Sunrise………..right at the traffic calming point there is a water/utility metal cap in the north bound lane……..and the asphalt around it is going away. It has been growing and will soon be a bigger problem." concern is that will cause tires to blow out.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    Tree in median/pedestrian refuge island - low branches blocking views for drivers and also too low to accommodate pedestrians in the refuge island. Complaint made by River Hill resident.
  • 6684-6692 Cedar Lane Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    As drive south on Cedar Lane, SHA sign indicating MD 32 intersection is broken and laying in the wooded area.
  • 6616-6624 Cedar Lane Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    sign indicating bend in road and entrance to Nature Center is broken and laying in the grass/scrubby area to the inside of the sidewalk.
  • 6079-6099 Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    At least two of the yellow markers indicating the presence of the pedestrian refuge structure are missing.
  • 10990-11004 Hickory Ridge Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The sign at the intersection of Hickory Ridge Road and Little Patuxent Parkway is broken. It is currently leaning against the tree line in the open space opposite the stop sign on Hickory Ridge Road and is somewhat visible to drivers.
  • Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    Sign indicating traffic flow around the island visible to drivers from MD 108 turning on to Great Star Drive is leaning at a dangerous angle. Concern that may fall in to roadway or on a vehicle. This sign is no sooner straightened out and it starts leaning again! Is there a more permanent "fix" that can occur?
  • 6001-6009 Daybreak Circle Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    Street light out at entrance to the Village Center at Daybreak Circle and Great Star Drive (entrance near Columbia Bank drive through).
  • 5910 Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    light out at pedestrian crossing reported by resident.
  • 6001-6049 Cedar Wood Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Street Sign at entrance to townhouse development down. It is on its side in the grass.
  • 1997 Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    Several street lights are out on Great Star Drive near the bridge over Cricket Creek and the pedestrian crossing.
  • Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    at the pedestrian refuge crossing island near the bridge, a yellow diamond sign is down.
  • Great Star Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    A resident reported the following:
    Recently the fallen light pole on Great Star drive @ Waving Willow Path, was installed. The street sign is dangling down, as the company used only tie wraps to put the street sign, instead of metal straps. The street sign and no outlet sign were posted low, and could have been hit by trucks on Great Star drive.
    Can we contact the responsible department to get it fixed.
  • Pothole Archived
    Trotter Road Clarksville, Maryland - Columbia
    I would like to report a pothole on Trotter Road by the new NV subdivision by the pool. It looks like one was fixed there but another one has developed.
  • Summer Sunrise Drive Columbia, Maryland - Columbia

    The Stop sign at River Run and Summer Sunrise was broken about a week ago and lying on the corner for a day or so. I am not sure if it was vandalism or accidently hit by a large truck/car. After lying there for two days it disappeared altogether. I wanted to inform someone but I didn’t know who to contact. I feel we should have it replaced as soon as possible given school starts on Monday, and it could make that T junction very dangerous.

    Please advise,

    Monika Punjabi

    6405 Enchanted Solitude Place