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  • 110 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    The street surface has sunken steeply in a line parallel with the wheels of vehicles. This is particularly treacherous for bicycles, since it is hard to see at night, and it's on a downward incline.
  • 175 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sign notifying drivers about the new speed hump is hidden behind a tree. It's nearly invisible to cars, which defeats the purpose of the bump. In the attached picture, you can see a corner of the yellow sign in the middle of the picture, across the street from the white truck.
  • 277 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    This sign about traffic changes due to the Atlantic Yards construction on Flatbush fell down months ago and is unreadable by drivers.
  • 620 Grand Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    It's been about two weeks since our last major snow storm, but this property is still impassable. The construction fence, combined with compacted snow and trash mean that pedestrians have to walk into traffic to walk down this street.
  • 661 Pacific Street Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    A work area with ConEd signage is accessible to pedestrians and has left a deep hole in the sidewalk
  • 23 6th Avenue Brooklyn, NY - Prospect Heights
    The sidewalk is uneven and has a hole. It looks like it might collapse eventually if cars continue to park on it.