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  • potholes Archived
    4960 Coconut Creek Parkway Coconut Creek, Florida - Coconut Creek
    there are several potholes on the east bound side of coconut creek parkway just east of the intersection w lyons road
  • 1501-1699 Highway 7 Margate, Florida - Margate
    route 441 is also state road 7. there are multiple separate signs noting both names, both when on this road, and when approaching the road. having 2 names for the same road makes it confusing especially for out of town visitors, plus the added expanse of having multiple signs for each road name 441 and Sr 7. ?
  • 1291-1299 Highway 7 Margate, Florida - Margate
    many of the street lights along 441/7 going northbound between atlantic ave and just past coconut creek parkway are not working. the worst stretch is between margate blvd and coconut creek parkway.
  • 748 North Broadway North Massapequa, NY - North Massapequa
    Several street lights on both sides of north broadway, when driving North on broadway from jerusalem ave, leaving the area dark. thanks
  • 327-349 Central Avenue Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    A series of lights on the south side (eastbound) of central ave from Pershing ave to Stewart avenue are out. the one on Pershing corner cycles on and off, and the other 3-4 on the way towards stewart ave are just out. thanks
  • 1 Burkhardt Avenue Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    the street light on this busy corner is not working correctly- at night it cycles on and off frequently
  • 47-51 Lexington Avenue Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    the street light on the corner is not working. making the area quite dark.
  • 39 Cambridge Ave Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    The street light (the old orange type) across from us is now very dim and not lighting up the area at all- it probably needs a new fixture or bulb/transformer ? thanks
  • Powell Ave Just East Of Norcross Ave Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    the street light on Powell ave located on the south side between Norcross ave and the 135 entrance ramp is out. thanks
  • 200 Boundary Avenue Massapequa, NY - North Massapequa
    after a rain storm, the right turn from east bound boundary avenue onto southbound broadway gets flooded. the water stays there for some time, and drivers have to made a wide right turn to avoid it- the water does freeze when it gets cold enough and makes a icy patch within the turn area which can be dangerous. can the drainage be improved-fixed ? thanks
  • Walker Street And 2nd Avenue massapequa park, ny - Massapequa Park
    this is a busy intersection, the street light is out, making it more difficult to see traffic and pedestrians at night
  • Intersection Of Broadway And Central Avenue Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    Since hurricane sandy- one of the traffic lights from the set mounted at this intersection is missing (the wire where it is used to be mounted in the overhead pole is visible). with the light missing, when traveling east on central ave, there is only one light (instead of the usual 2 lights per direction of travel)
  • Southern State Pkwy West Babylon, NY - West Babylon
    Southern state parkway between exits 35 and 36, the lights are not working on the eastbound side of the road between these 2 exits .
  • Cross County Pkwy & Hutchinson River Pkwy Mt Vernon, NY - Mount Vernon
    driving eastbound on cross county parkway, taking exit 5 to Hutch parkway south. the parkway lights are out on this long and curving ramp, and the lights on the hutch parkway (N and S) between the nyc line and cross county parkway are not working. this is a busy road and the lights need to be working.
  • Cross Bronk Expressway North Of Cross County Parkway Yonkers, NY - Mount Vernon

    Bronx river parkway northbound. Just north of cross county parkway. one of the upcoming overpass bridges (possibly for county route 69). the center support for the overpass bridge is in poor condition.

    this link shows the bridge location, though the current condition is now much worse


  • Bronx River Parkway Northbound @ Overpass For Broad Street (Rte 132) yonkers, ny - Yonkers

    when driving North on cross bronx parkway, just before the overpass for the cross county parkway is an arch bridge for county route 132 (Broad street). the bridge support on the right side of the cross bronx is in poor condition
    this link will show a picture of the bridge. (the condition is worse now).


  • pothole Archived
    Nibbie Lane And Lexington Ave bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    there are several small potholes near the manhole cover as you drive east on nibble just before the intersection with Lexington ave.
  • Southern State Pkwy Eastbound (Just East Of Exit 39) North Babylon, NY - West Islip
    on this inform sign when the 'travel times' are displayed - the 2nd location listed is 'LIE' followed by time to get there. the only problem is that SS parkway does not intersect with Lie/495, this should be corrected to say 'route 27' , which SS does intersect with.
  • 1-13 Powell Ave Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    3 street lights starting with the one on the NE corner of powell Ave and broadway, then the next 2 lights traveling east on powell (on the south side of the block). these have been out for a few weeks now.
  • Powell Ave (@ Exit From 135 S/B) Bethpage, NY - Bethpage
    Route 135 s/b exit 8 (Powell ave) 135 ramp has 2 lanes (1 for traffic going west (left) onto Powell, 1 for traffic going east (onto Powell toward Bethpage parkway ).. A> During evening rush hours and other busy times, the cars on this exit ramp back up almost to the 135 main road with cars waiting to make the left onto Powell ave east. Due to the limited sightlines at this corner, pavement markings and slight curve to the road it is hard to see if the road is clear, to make the left turn. 
A traffic light would provide for a safer intersection for drivers, and the many joggers/bike riders that use this road. The light can be sensor controlled to keep it green on Powell when there are no cars exiting from 135.. ... B> due to the road markings on Powell ave – the dbl yellow line is not in the center (the cars driving west on Powell ave overpass travel too close to the right side of the bridge, making it hard for cars exiting the 135 ramp to see them w/o slowly inching out). A traffic light at this intersection would improve safety and improve the flow of exiting vehicles from the 135 s/b exit onto Powell Ave. (Note there are several other 135 exits that have traffic lights at where the ramps meet residential streets Old country road, 107, boundary Ave.