Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 28,760
  • 13342 Long Leaf Clarksville, Maryland - Howard County
    Caller reports hole forming near storm drain between homes.
  • 3310 Folly Quarter Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Howard County
    Drainage issue on Folly Quarter just south of MD 144. "New" drainage ditch filled with large rocks isn't draining correctly. Adjacent roadway puddles during rain and ices over in winter. Puddle is described as 8 to 12 feet wide.
  • 5845 Main Street Elkridge, Maryland - Elkridge
    Note attached to water/sewer bill from 5845 Main Street, Elkridge: "Please clean out drain, end of driveway, clogged."
  • 3134 Evergreen Way Ellicott City, Maryland - Howard County
    Resident reports blocked storm drain in front of this address.
  • 7104 Morning Light Trail Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    MPH sign down, vicinity of 7104 Morning LIght Trail, near group mailbox.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    11733 Middle Patuxent Court Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Note: Resident would like firewood if allowed and will cut in smaller pieces himself. Tree is dead, leaning on a smaller tree and hanging over the court.
  • Brightwell Drive Ellicott City Maryland - Ellicott City
    "No Parking" sign is down, Brightwell Drive near Rogers Avenue. (Tell HoCo map isn't showing the location correctly and moving the pin indicated the wrong address.)
  • 6104 Stevens Forest Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Area around crosswalk sign, near utility box, on Stevens Forest Road at dead end of Owen Brown Road needs mowing.
  • 2470 Longstone Lane Marriottsville, Maryland - Howard County
    Email inquiry, summarized: "You may want to paint a stop bar, and have a painted road sign instead of this."
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    10227 Maple Glen Court Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Email from resident, summarized: "There is a dead tree between the sidewalk and curb at the top of the street, intersection of Spruce Way and Maple Glen Court, at the bus stop for students. I am requesting, if possible, that Howard County remove the tree."
  • 824 Bennett Road Mount Airy, Maryland - Howard County
    Resident reports eroded roadway, both sides, in front of home.
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    9345 Indian Camp Road Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Large street tree appears to be dead.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    5150 Evangeline Way Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Caller reports infestation.
  • Tree Concern Archived
    8157 Murphy Road Fulton Maryland - Maple Lawn
    "Smelly water" collects where tree was removed (#4272501), wondering if new tree will be planted or if the area can be filled. Two other nearby trees also in standing water much of the time.
  • 8714 Timber Oak Laurel, Maryland - Savage-Guilford
    Resident advises the cap to the sewer pipe drain near her driveway "won't stay on."
  • 9261 Old Scaggsville Road Laurel, Maryland - North Laurel
    Resident reports stormwater settling where his driveway meets the roadway. He is located "between hills" on a street with no curb. Stormwater is pooling and eroding, creating a gap and sinking area between his driveway and the road.
  • 13429 Rich Lynn Court Highland, Maryland - Howard County
    Per email from citizen, "Court is a mess of crumbling asphalt."
  • 6154 Hunt Club Road Elkridge, Maryland - Elkridge
    Caller reports large tree branch down and blocking hydrant, "near 2nd paved driveway" in vicinity of 6154 Hunt Club Road.
  • Vollmerhausen Road And Castleford Drive Jessup, Maryland - Savage-Guilford
    A roadside memorial has been moved to different points near this intersection. Anonymous caller is asking whether the County allows such memorials in right-of-way, especially since the current memorial is roped off with yellow "keep out" tape and area includes a tree.
  • 3975 Ducks Foot Lane Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Along bike path, there is a leaning tree about to fall, and a dead tree behind 3975 Ducks Foot lane