Madison Native Who Cares...

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  • 212 Main Street Madison, Alabama - Madison

    Beautiful downtown Madison is a jewel. There are many lovely storefronts and businesses that are a tribute to native, long time and new residents of the wonderful community. Sadly there are several buildings, all owned by the same family, that have varying degrees of neglect and deterioration and some of those issues affect the potential health and safety of others.

    The old hardware store buildings on the east end of Main Street, adjacent to the owner's restaurant, Bandito Burrito, and the old Humphrey Hughes Drug Store building a few store fronts away, also on Main Street, and the pitiful old metal buildings behind Main Street and on Martin Street have far too long been an eyesore and an insult to the Madison community.

    Even with all the Phase I addition of new store front buildings, new parking, new landscaping, new lighting, etc and the long awaited Phase II having already begun, the old buildings remain an eyesore, a safety hazard, and frankly inexplicable.

    When asked about it months ago, one of the owner's stated: "IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!"

    I take exception...the obvious decline of a precious and irreplaceable downtown main street IS the business of all who live and work in Madison.

    I would hope that public pressure can be brought to FORCE the City of Madison Mayor, City Council, City Planning, City Zoning, etc leaders will step up and make the Anderson family repair these buildings to improve safety, restore them to reasonable appearance and maintain them on an ongoing basis or force them to sell the properties or take them by legal action.

    It simply must be addressed NOW!

    If you agree, please contact the City of Madison and demand they do their job!