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  • 351 Webster St Oakland CA 94607 - Downtown
    pizza restaurant permanently uses the parking space to store their garbage bin. Please cite.
  • 545 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    human feces, urine from buckets spread all over the underpass. drug needles, broken glass. prostitution. Please clean up asap so that we can live here.
  • 560 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    a multitude of tents, dozens of stolen carts full of garbage, broken liquor bottles throughout, heroin needles, broken glass from car break ins.

    We live here and can't walk to our homes.

    reported over and over with no response. Please clean up.Thanks

  • Grove Shafter Freeway Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    29th Street between MLK & Telegraph.

    This is the second time we caught this illegal dumper in the act. Reported them to Law Corps, provided photos of his license plates and of him trying to get away. Nothing happened!

    Caught him again, dumping in the exact same spot as he did before. So this time we stopped and asked if he has a business card, he gave it to us...will provide it to Law Corps again. Will anything happen?

  • Telegraph And West Grand Ave Oakland, California - Downtown
    No business licence, bootleg clothing. Please send out OPD to deal with them.
  • 6th Street & Oak Oakland, California - Peralta-Laney

    Advertising signs attached to traffic directing signage. Not sure if this belongs to Caltrans or the City of Oakland. There are dozens of these signs in the area, all attached to poles or trees.

    The phone is right on the sign, please track down these offenders who are causing damage to public property and fine them.

  • Harrison At 27th Street Oakland California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    Illegal sale of bootleg Golden State Warriors merchandise on the corner across from Whole Foods.
  • Broadway And 29th Street - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
    Unlicenced business selling bootleg and illegal Golden State Warriors merchandise
  • Memorial Band Stand Near The Fairyland At Grand Ave & Harrison Street Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St
  • Mountain And Snake Oakland, California - Montclair Business
    This and many other identical signs affixed to poles throughout the Glenview and Montclair neighborhoods. Phone number listed, please contact and have them remove these signs.
  • Oak Street Adn 6th Street At 880 On Ramp Oakland, California - Old City-Produce And Waterfront
    These signs are springing up all over Oakland, there are several in this area that are nailed to poles. The contact info is right on them, should not be difficult to located the offenders and get them to pay for removal.
  • Graffiti Archived
    565 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    extensive vandalism damage throughout, please address! has been here for weeks.
  • Grove Shafter Freeway Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    Illegal dumping, daily loads brought in and disposed of by illegal haulers.

    Caught one in the act and took a video, unfortunately SeeClikFix does not accept that format. Any suggestions from users on how to post?

  • Pearl & Harrison Oakland, California - Oakland Ave-Harrison St

    Signs advertising "buying houses" affixed to a street light pole. A violation, please remove.

    Also note that these signs are cropping up all over town, need to contact the violators and have them remove and pay for repairs.

  • Graffiti Archived
    568 29th Street - Underpass Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    probably the worst attack we've had in a year. please remove but be careful of broken glass throughout the entire block on both sides.
  • 565 29th Street Underpass Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    RVs parked illegally for days. Cooking with gas under the freeway, human waste around, sofas and tables set up for urban camping. Please tow away.
  • Grove Shafter Freeway Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    reporting again! this RV has been parked here for weeks, being used as a homeless encampment. the area around it smells of human defecation and urine. PLEASE REMOVE!
  • 561-649 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill
    DPW closed the previously reported issue without addressing it. Re-submitting our request to clean glass throughout the underpass as well as the mattresses and cardboard boxes
  • 29th Street & Mlk Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    A huge amount of garbage dumped throughout the underpass. Broken glass on along the sidewalk as well as the road, very dangerous for humans and dogs to walk there, especially in the dark.

    Obscenities sprayed throughout and on the sides of the underpass as well. This in not the work of kids, this is vandalism that encourages violence.

    Please remove!

  • 560 - 29th Street Oakland, California - Pill Hill

    Graffiti vandalism covering at least 40 feet of the freeway wall. Caltrans property, needs to be removed. Obscenities, threats and a lot of damage.

    Please remove ASAP.