Mark Lieberman

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  • 684 East 19 St Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    I have twice (11/25 [C1-1-1181144344] and 12/8[c1-1-1186200363]) contacted 311 to report an apparently abandoned Red Nissan Pathfinder with Arkansas licenses plates in front of 684 E 19 St,. The vehicle has received at least two tickets for alternate side parking violations. Because of the vehicle's position, the Sanitation Department is unable to properly clean streets resulting in a build up of leaves, etc. , blocking the flow of rainwater leading to a "lake" in front of my driveway. This situation will only become worse when (and if ) the weather gets. The 70 precinct has reportedly checked the status of the vehicle (which now has a flat rear tire on the passenger side) and found no violation. The vehicle had been parked in its current spot for about two weeks before my initial report which means it has now not been moved for well over a month.