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  • 2400 Adeline St Oakland 94607, United States - McClymonds
    The homeless man who owns the trailer dropped it off from 24th closer to 26th. I watched him replace the tire and drive it down the street in his small gray truck. The neighbors thought he was going to get rid of it but wondered where...now we’ve found it didn’t go far!
  • 2400 Adeline St Oakland 94607, United States - McClymonds
    The dumping started in mid December by a homeless man. Just before the end of the month, he had his trash in the street which caused an accident with a truck swerving out of the way, crashing into a neighbors garage. The truck hit the now broken trailer. That trailer was empty and as you can see is now full of trash. The abandoned trailer belongs to another guy who lives in his blue van across the street from the site, who now has a new trailer. Since the accident, he now completely blocks the sidewalk and at night continues to spread his trash into the street and surrounds it with orange cones Causing cars to swerve out of its way. The public cannot walk on the sidewalk and have to walk in the busy street to get around the trash. This has become a common dumping site for the public and for the homeless man who is trash grows every day.
  • 2401 Adeline St Oakland 94607, United States - McClymonds

    Homeless man started collecting things there on 12/14 and it is now become a common dumping ground. The sidewalk is completely blocked. At night @#$% put orange cones in the right lane to extend the trash into the street, causing cars to swerve out of the way. It caused an accident just before Christmas where a truck crashed into the neighbors garage avoiding to hit the trash/tent. 311 has been called and cops have helped move trash off the street but it’s getting worse. He has a garden hose that goes into his tent that he urinates in that goes out to the street.

    The trailer full of trash belongs to another man who lives out of his blue van on the street. When the truck crashed into the garage swerving around the trash filled street, it clipped the trailer making it immobile. The guy went and bought a new trailer which you can see opposite of the street when driving. The original trailer had ZERO trash, and now you can see its overfilled from random people and the homeless guy continuously dumping in it every day.