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  • North 2nd Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    At the intersection of East C and North 2nd Street across from the vacant parking lot, the sidewalk is starting to raise and is becoming unsafe.
  • Other Closed
    North Jackson Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    The entrance of Jackson Street near the crossing tunnel, there is a broken brace at the bottom of the handrail. Because the brace is broken, it swings into the path and causes a potential tripping hazard.
  • Street Cracking Acknowledged
    Dixon CA - Dixon
    North of Pedrick Road near in front of Cambels, the streets are destroyed with potholes and street cracking. It's starting to cause a safely hazard because people tend to speed which causes damage to their cars, and people could get hurt.
  • Red Curbs Archived
    Dixon CA - Dixon
    The red curbs on the sidewalk along Hall Park, and near the High School need to be repainted due to fading. Will cause a safety hazard if not visible.
  • Other Archived
    Heritage Lane Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Overgrown bushes are making it hard to see and is creating a safety hazard. Need to be trimmed, on the SE corner of 113 and Heritage Lane. The median on the North side needs to be trimmed as well.
  • Street Light Archived
    1210 Smith Court Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Light is completely out.
  • Street Light Archived
    1530 Folsom Downs Circle Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Randomly turns on, very dim