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  • 9516 Old Annapolis Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    area in question is between the church parking lot and the light to turn on to old Columbia Rd
  • 5300 Tarkington Pl Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Tarkington Place by the front of the community!!! This issue has not been fixed! continue to see water flow across Tarkington and backup in this storm drain and flow further down old Columbia road. It must be blocked. look at the holding ponds right next to it, no Water!!!
  • 5300 Tarkington Pl Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Fire lanes need to be repainted, current ones are deteriorated and poorly marked. This is Tarkington Pl and Buttler Ct
  • 5300 Tarkington Place Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    Insufficient lighting on the entire street. Numerous residents have made complaints but nothing has been done. Additional lights or higher fixtures with a broader LED light are needed for safety. Many pedestrians have almost been hit because they can not be seen.