Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 805
  • 1932-1998 Lawrenceville Highway Decatur, Georgia - Scottdale
    This pothole has not been addressed. Several others on the same stretch of this highway have been addressed. Move to the left when you come off the Stone Mt freeway. Pothole is in right lane just before the intersection going west.
  • 1901-1905 North Decatur Road Atlanta, Georgia - Druid Hills
    Serial potholes on N Decatur road heading westbound right before the steel plate in the road. If you are wondering why folks are moving to the left before turning on Haygood, that's why. 4 potholes in a row on right side of road
  • 2053-2063 North Decatur Road Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia - Druid Hills
    Pothole needs to be filled. Eastbound North Decatur road right at railroad bridge before McDonald's. Right hand lane before the bridge
  • Scott Boulevard Atlanta, Dekalb County, Georgia - North Decatur
    Two potholes, Eastbound 78, Scott Boulevard middle lane before Church street. Potholes large enough to damage your tire and knock your front end alignment out. Both about a foot long and 6 - 8 inches wide
  • 1907-1929 Lawrenceville Highway Decatur, Georgia - Scottdale
    Pothole still at intersection of Orion Dr and 78. Southwest bound right after traffic light, right hand lane before QT parking entrance.
  • 2247 North Decatur Road Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    Potholes and sinkholes on N Decatur road, both sides of the road after N. Superior and Superior ave. Been reported to City of Decatur several times. DeKalb county says "not their problem." GDOT says not their problem. Decatur says 'problem assigned." Whose problem is it? If more people will report these problems, we might get them fixed.
  • 1562-1568 Clifton Road Atlanta, Georgia - Druid Hills
    Traffic light at Houston Mill and Clifton Road Northwest bound needs repair
  • 2721 Orion Drive Decatur, Georgia - Scottdale
    Pothole at Orion drive and 78 still there this am. Has been reported previously. Still needs repair.
  • Pothole Archived
    2252-2266 North Decatur Road Decatur, Georgia - Decatur
    large pothole eastbound North Decatur Road, far right hand lane, just before Superior Ave. Getting deeper and deeper. Some vehicles are hitting their undercarriage on the east side of the hole. There may be a drainage ditch failing under this section of road. Someone is bound to end up in the sinkhole.