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  • 5457-5481 Claremont Avenue Oakland, California - Fairview Park
    The garbage pile from the new tent camper on Claremont Avenue under the Highway 24 overpass is growing. This is exactly why the residents of our neighborhood are so angry about the increasing number of homeless encampments that are infiltrating our area. They basically come in and then trash the surrounding neighborhood where they set up camp. City of Oakland, can you please come back AGAIN and clean up this mess while the elected officials try and figure out a viable solution to the homeless problem. I refuse to live in all of this filth while the city sits idly by.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Hudson Street And Claremont Avenue Oakland, California - Shafter
    Some inflammatory graffiti has been painted on the Hudson street underpass of Highway 24 near Claremont Avenue. This is on the side of the casual carpool pickup area. Please remove ASAP. Thank you.