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  • 9180 65th St Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    There is a sink hole or deep pot hole in the road on 65th Street in front of 9180 home. There seems to be a broken sewage pipe that is causing the dirt to run out from under the road into the drain. This has left a huge and dangerous cavern under a very thin layer of asphalt about 4 foot deep and almost half the road wide. The really dangerous part is that the hole itself is deceptively small.
    This is dangerous. (children, animals, horses, drivers, mail carriers, waste management)
    This has been reported both online
    And in-person at the city office.
    Latest sequence of events (I went to post at above link, but it is no longer accepting updates - as it was passed to the proper team): The cavern under the road has grown to almost half the width of the road. It is very deep. The hole on top still looks deceptively small. Covering the large cavern is a thin layer of asphalt that can cave in at any time. My husband has gone into the city office 3 times and myself once. The supervisor has assured us that this was a top priority. On 7/12/2018 the city placed a cone over the hole itself. On 7/19/2018, when I went into the city office to provide an update on the growing cavern under the thin layer of asphalt. I spoke with the supervisor who was very nice, and said weather and worker constraints has delayed this. He assured me that he would send workers out on that day to fill the hole in temporarily until they can get a permanent fix. The weather was nice all day, and I was home all day that day 7/19/2018, but no one showed up. This morning it rained 7/20/2018 and washed more of the dirt out from under the road and into the drain. That is the latest update I have for now. I hope someone can come out today to at least patch the dangerous sink hole under the thin layer of road.
  • 9180 65th St N Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park

    I picked the closest category, but this is not in a park.

    There is a sink hole or deep pot hole in the road on 65th Street in front of 9180 home. This hole is about 12 to 14 inches deep right now, and looks like it is going to expand.

    Photo attached, but they don't show how bad it it.

    There is a drainage pip below the hole and the dirt is washed out under a thin layer of asphalt. Very dangerous for any vehicle to drive on it.

  • 5660 103rd Ave Pinellas Park, Florida - Commission District 6
    Reporting this for my mom, who is being eaten alive. the whole block needs to be sprayed the Mosquitoes are super bad this year.