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  • 6120 82nd Avenue North Pinellas Park/Pinellas, Florida - Pinellas Park
    City acknowledged complaint in January and stated home would be demolished, however it is now May and nothing has been done. Property management company was on site April 21 and did nothing to secure property and now there is a homeless camp set up behind home with junk/trash everywhere. Could the city PLEASE do something about this property as it has been allowed to be a nuisance WAY TOO LONG
  • 6120 82nd Ave Pinellas Park, FL - Pinellas Park
    Abandoned home, roof collapsed over 3 years ago, city deemed structure uninhabitable in 2014, yet nothing is being done. On heavily traveled road and make it appear city has no pride.
  • 7801 66th Street Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    There are many trailers of all shapes and sizes on the rear of the property at Tackle Shack we she is unfenced and in open view to all driving past. This consists of cargo trailers, semi trailers, and boat trailers. Most of them have flat tires and no tags or outdated tags, clearly a violation of inoperable vehicle storage, and an eyesore to everyone passing by.
  • 6421 82nd Ave N Pinellas Park, Florida - Pinellas Park
    During the storm power lines were ripped from the house damaging pole coming into home and pulled meter away from House someone is there now repairing damage however no permit posted and no signs that they are a licensed contractor and this would be a major safety hazard if not properly done