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  • 600 East A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    light 423 on east path way of hall park as well as light closest to it
  • 600 East A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • 600 East A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • 450 East Mayes Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • 600 East A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • 600 East A Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    1330 Bello Drive Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    649 West C Street #A Dixon, CALIFORNIA - Dixon
    There are a few potholes in the front of my driveway that need repair. It's hard on my front end and cannot be avoided when pulling into my driveway which is in the alley.
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    Fernwood Way Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • Street Light Acknowledged
    920 Mason Court Dixon, CA - Dixon
  • 510 South Jackson Street Dixon, CA - Dixon
    Chestnut & Jackson, Stop sign at the Southwest corner is falling off
  • Other Archived
    6630 Milk Farm Road Dixon, California - Dixon
    Not sure if this is something that you can fix, but I was driving east and saw the Milk Farm sign had a broken piece waving in the wind. I'd hate for it to fall off and strike a car.
  • Storm Drain Archived
    200 North 1st Street Dixon, California - Dixon
  • 1025 Alexander Court Dixon, California - Dixon
    Been cyciling dimly on and off for several weeks.
    Reported to public works two times via Phone recording.
    Located on linear path walkway behind 1025 Alexander Court. Really dark back there. Safety Issue.
    Pole # C - 739.
    Thank You. 678-3292
  • Other Archived
    Corner Of Valley Glen Dr. And S 1st Street Dixon, California - Dixon
    Since last Thursday (October 18) there has been a large political sign on City property at the entrance of the Valley Glen development.
  • South Lincoln Street & Hillview Dixon, California - Dixon
    Need to review contractors recent work on South Lincoln, especially near Hill view. Some cracks left unsealed and material lacks enough oil/tar and already loose. Other areas cracks not filled.
  • Street Light Archived
    1500 Roseberry Ct Dixon, California - Dixon
  • Trees Archived
    850 East A Street Dixon, California - Dixon
    The trees on East A Street and Doyle Lane are growing into the Street.
  • Other Archived
    525 Park Drive Dixon, California - Dixon
    About a month ago somebody from Dixon came to fix a pot hole. They left a cone and forgot to come and pick it up. It is sitting by the street light in front on 525 Park Drive. It belongs to the City Of Dixon
  • Street Light Archived
    1295 Hillview Drive Dixon, California - Dixon