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  • 2-4 Hawthorn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    The sinkhole on Hawthorn that was previously patched at this intersection with Brattle St is widening and sinking the middle of the street again.
  • 28 Holmes Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - Cambridge

    Noticed the handicapped sign next to the tree in front of 26-28 Holmes Street was leaning over more than usual. Upon inspection it is in imminent danger of falling over. Soil at the base was disturb and looked like it had been pushed out of place.

    Based on the high amount of play it is clear there is no concrete in the base.

    Please fix ASAP before it falls and potentially injures someone or property.

  • Pothole Archived
    4 Hawthorn Street Cambridge, Massachusetts - West Cambridge
    Growing, deepening pothole/deep asphalt settlement in the middle of Hawthorn St as you turn off Brattle onto Hawthorn.