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  • 276 E Penn St 5176 Rufe Street , Pennsylvania - Germantown
    Short dumping is relentless and endless on the street. The minute it gets cleaned up - seconds later - pickups, Uhaul trucks, Vans and cars are pulling right up unloading their trash, tires, furniture. Heres a screenshot from Google maps and this is on a slow day.This block really needs a camera.
  • Russell Road Triangle, Virginia - Prince William County
    Huge potholes in a short section of Russell Rd passed the Route 1 bridge, but before the Route 1 entry ramp. Hit one on Saturday in the rain, and blew out the side wall on my tire. Thank goodness I have run flat tires. $231.99 + 25.00 mount and balance to replace. Please look at this section of the road.
  • Pothole Open
    Forest Hill Avenue And Hathaway Rd Richmond, Virginia - Gravel Hill
    Significant pothole at the intersection of Forest Hill Ave and Hathaway Rd. It is on Forest Hill Ave near 7Eleven.
  • Alley Between Hamilton And Main And Monroe And Perry Peoria, Illinois - Peoria
    There are two potholes, one marked with a caution sawhorse for past month in middle of alley between library and First United Methodist Church
  • 300 Woodmont St gretna, Louisiana - Timberlane
    street light out
  • Pothole Open
    4865 Bass Mountain Road Snow Camp, NC - Alamance County
    Pothole on Bass Mountain Road
  • Ctg Mata Nativa Canoas, RS - Canoas

    Banca de defesa de Renaldo Vieira de Souza

    Muitas aprendizagens, desenvolvimenro para quem apresenta, quem assiste e quem realiza os pareceres.

  • 6938 Langley Cyn Rd Salinas, California - Prunedale
    Numerous Pot Holes through out Langley Cyn Rd. Approximately once a month for the last three years there has been traffic counting cables put across Langley Cyn Rd. Not exactly why this is done, so it is known how much traffic travels this road, which is a lot of traffic.
    There was attempts to fill some of the holes last year but they did not stay filled and now are back plus more. One hole actually created a truck to have the front end repaired.
    Note: We have lived on Langley Cyn Road since 1951 and the road has only been totally resurface one time in all those years. In 1951 there were approximately 12 to 15 houses on this road and at last count there is about 155 homes, so obvious the traffic has increased a lot.
    Is there plans to have these holes fixed soon?
  • Briar Creek Loop Manor, Texas - Travis County
    The street light at the beginning of the neighborhood is out on Briar Creek Loop. It's very dark at night and early morning leaving and entering the neighborhood making it dangerous.
  • Ne 14pl And Ne 20st Cape Coral, Florida - Cape Coral
    Inside corner of roadway missing making it impossible to turn the corner and stay in your own lane.
  • 13000 Pleasant Forest Drive Little Rock, Arkansas - River Mountain
    Big potholes on the roundabout. Big enough to seriously damage vehicles.
  • 14576 Blossom Hill Road Los Gatos, California - Los Gatos
    white street light is blinking 4 times per second and reporting category won't select
  • POTHOLE Open
    Kinjac Drive Marietta, Georgia - Cobb County
    Please repair the large pothole on Kinjac drive.
    Thank you!
  • 25910 East Appleway Avenue Liberty Lake, Washington - Spokane County
    potholes need fixed before they ruin tires
  • 1500 Royal Windsor Drive Oakville, Ontario - Oakville
    Sustained significant damage to my car ($6000 plus) due to a large pothole in the east bound lane of Royal Windsor Drive. Reported it via email to the City Monday evening, received a receipt indicating it would be repaired by 3:30pm Dec 12. It is Dec 14 and the issue remains unaddressed.
  • 524 Strawberry Walk Loganville, Georgia - Gwinnett County
    Sidewalk is uneven at seam and is a tripping hazard. Please even out - see photo attached.
  • 615 Wildflower Way Eagan, Minnesota - Eagan
    The street light appears to be out on the corner of Wildflower Way and Lantern Lane. The house address with the pole is 615 Wildflower Way.
  • 4448 North 151st Drive Goodyear, Arizona - Goodyear
  • End Of Acacia Cout Chowchilla, California - Chowchilla

    End of Acacia court
    Chowchilla, ca

    burnout streetlight 601

    Hi, Please contact the customer above since this is a city owned streetlight and not PG&E owned.

    Thank you
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • Popular Pike And Germantown Road Germantown, Tennessee - Germantown
    The traffic light at Popular Pike and Germantown Road. The signal you see when heading west on Popular Pike is stuck on "red" at 5:30AM. It has been this way since Monday, December 10, 2018