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  • 13500-13510 166th Avenue Southeast Renton, Washington - East Renton Highlands

    There are several potholes in this area create by Liberty High School buses. The potholes are becoming difficult to navigate, getting bigger and deeper. The potholes that have been filled in the past seem to be a temporary fix for they are still rough and bumpy when driving over them.

    There were a couple larger sections done very well - thank you, they seem to handle the abuse of the buses well.

  • 1601 Ridgehaven Rd Waxhaw, North Carolina - Continental US
    Street lights out are UPC # 060855 and UPC #060858
  • 5201 U.S. 280 Birmingham, Alabama - Lake Purdy
    Merging lane is severely uneven resulting in very bumpy turn onto hwy 280, needs to be smoothing out.
  • Summerhurst Drive Chesterfield, Virginia - Chesterfield County
    We need street lights on our street. Yes, it is a hill but please try. Just recently there was a car accident because, even with her headights, she still could still not see the car parked in the street.
  • 5232 Woodbridge Ave Portage, indiana - Portage
    portage snow plow trucks only plow the inside rout on the corner of woodbridge and and parkside. I live on a cul-de-sac that is not plowed in front of my house!!!!!!! they ony plow the in side corner!! please plow the the whole coner of the turn cars are getting stuck infont of my house seen 6 plows today only taking the in side corner
  • 3568 Davies Manor Memphis , Tennessee - Bartlett
    Pot holes all over Cordova rd and Raleigh LaGrange between Whitten and Covington Pike have Damaged my front end of my truck. $2500 damage
  • 15030 23 Mile Road Shelby charter Township, Michigan - Shelby Township
    3 major long pot holes in right hand turn lane of east bound 23 mile road at Hayes
    Flattened my right front tire and may have damaged the rim
  • 909 Colonial Village Martinsburg, West Virginia - Martinsburg
    We have 3 street lights in our development that are out. The parking lot is pitch black. I submitted a maintenance request to Apex. I do not know who is responsible for keeping these lit?
  • 235 East State Street Doylestown, Pennsylvania - Doylestown
    Uneven , potholes, road ruts, blow outs
  • 5437 Boyd Ave Oakland, California - Shafter
    Senior (hoarder?) "finds" furniture and other items on the street and drags them to her porch. Adds of boxes of "stuff" on top of chairs and furniture which stays for years. So much stuff now that it is beginning to block her front door.
  • 13th And Mosley Wichita, Kansas - McAdams
    the traffic light is out at the intersection.
  • 136 Double Eagle Drive Mooresville, North Carolina - Iredell County
    Corner of Isle of Pines and Double Eagle Drive in Mooresville. Street light has been broken for a number of months. Please fix. Thank you
  • Pothole Open
    Interstate 94 Kalamazoo, Michigan - Milwood
    There is a pothole in the right-hand lane on the east side of the bridge before sprinkle road exit.
  • 1676 Albany Ferndale, Michigan - Ferndale
    On our first snowfall I got a ticket and you guys snow plowed but every other time it snowed you haven't came or salted are Street.
  • Route 37 Toms River, New Jersey - Toms River
    There is a big pot hole on Route 37 closet to the Kohl's shopping center, I hit it so hard this morning it blew out my tire and almost caused an accident. Please be careful.
  • Honey Dew Lane Wilmington, North Carolina - Silver Lake
    pot hole intersection gate post lane and honey dew lane wilmington nc 28412
  • Pothole Open
    1036 Quincy Street Grandville, Michigan - Ottawa County

    There is a sever pothole off of Quincy going West bound. Would like to notify for repair.

    What is the process or person to talk to about getting reimbursed for the wheel I'm having to replace.

    Happened on Sunday 1/14/18 at 4:43pm. I have video and photos.

  • 5302 33rd Ave W Everett, Washington - Harborview-Seahurst-Glenhaven
    Streetlight on Pole between 5302 and 5306 33rd Ave W. doesn't put out proper light.
  • 9404 West Rd. Houston, Texas - US Congressional District TX7
    I would like to request a change to the existing left-turn light into Willowbridge Park Blvd from Green/Red to a Yellow Yield during the appropriate time. This signal becomes very congested during out-bound (evening) rush.
  • 3897-3999 Northwest 62nd Street Topeka, Kansas - Shawnee County
    Separation along the joint where West-bound NW 62nd St meets North-bound HWY 75 has is progressively becoming a large pothole.