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  • Bowles And Wadsworth Littleton, Colorado - US Congressional District CO6
    Traffic light at intersection of wadsworth and Bowles going north timing needs to be examined and fixed. Light is only green for a few seconds, letting a couple cars go. This seems to be an issue more frequently happening on the weekend.
  • 658 Allen Ave. North Attleborough, Massachusetts - North Attleborough
    Trash and Recycling in North Attleboro is broken and nothing seems to be in the works to fix it. We have an inept department that seems unable to reliably take trash and recycling. We are working on a private trash service in our neighborhood which is quite embarrassing (or should be, to the the town of North Attleboro) as it cant cope with basic services like trash.
  • 17606 Wildemere St Detroit, Michigan - Dearborn
    This condition is on Thatcher St (btwn Wildemere and Parkside) and has been here for several months. I contacted Comcast because I believe this is their cable. They assured me someone would be out to the area within 24 hours. It has been two weeks and nothing has been done. One of the straps to secure has broken and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the cable falls to the ground, blocking my driveway and possiblly injuring someone. The owner needs to take care of this dangerous situation before I do.
  • 397 W 150th St Harvey, Illinois - Harvey
    Have had breakin's because of the streets being so dark. We have called the police but when they do show up the suspect is gone. Their is a bunch of street light that are out and all we are asking is for them to be replaced.
  • 2132 Dunn Ave Richmond, California - Richmond

    First Name: MIGUEL
    Last Name: VENTURA
    city: Berkeleyrichmond
    county: California
    contact phone: (510) 417-5360
    Street Light Information #1
    pole light number: 200222
    location of street light: first, second and third pole on Dunn Ave. from 23rd Street to 20th Street
    light info: on a light pole, on a wood pole

    Street Light Information #2
    pole light number: 4405
    location of street light: first, second and third pole on 2132 Dunn Ave. from 23rd Street to 20th Street
    light info: on a light pole, on a wood pole

    Street Light Information #3
    pole light number: 10233847
    location of street light: first, second and third pole on Dunn Ave. from 23rd Street to 20th Street
    light info: on a light pole, on a wood pole

    please contact the customer regarding these streetlights. They are all owned by the city and not PG&E owned.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • Rimrock Drive And Lake Stone Drive Austin, Texas - Travis County
    Missing Street Sign to mark Rimrock Drive 78738
  • 4285 Rue SéGuin Laval, Québec - Laval
    Pothole, right in the middle of the road. Getting bigger and bigger every day, needs fixing. Whole Rue Cousteau is not in great shape.
  • 5801 S Wintersburg Road Tonopah, Maricopa, Arizona - Maricopa County
    Wintersburg Road from the Palo Verde Generating Station (PVGS) entrance north almost to I-10 is very dark in the winter while the 2500 PVGS employees are driving to and from work. Children wait for their school bus along the side of this road in various places. Most children are responsible but some are not. I saw a number of near misses when a child darted into Wintersburg Road chasing something or someone. Can street lights be installed on some of the existing power poles especially near the bus stops? This would increase safety for the children and the drivers.
  • 24088 Machado Ct Pleasanton, California - Fairview

    24088 MACHADO CT
    I am reporting a streetlight for a customer since the streetlight is county owned not PG&E owned. Please contact the customer.

    Thank you,
    Streetlight Maintenance Department

  • 1520 Virginia Ave. Glendale, California - Glenwood

    In front of 1520 Virginia ave. there is failing asphalt along with a developing pothole in the street

    Please repair.

  • 5300 South Vine Street Murray, Utah - Murray
    Ever since 5300 South was re-paved from State Street to Vine St the traffic light at 5300 South and Vine St has been out of sync. The traffic light turns red as you approach the intersection traveling on Vine St and stays red for an extended time even when there is no cross traffic present. In the past the traffic light would only trigger when there was traffic present traveling east or west as it should be. I have commuted on this route for 20 + years and this is definitely a new sync change/issue that is causing unnecessary delays. Thank you.
  • Pothole Open
    103 Valley Road Charlottesville, Virginia - Jefferson Park
    There is a rather large pothole that is at the end of Valley road, where Valley Rd meets Jefferson Park Avenue.
  • flood Open
    1707 Eubanks Road Chapel Hill, North Carolina - Continental US
    business flooded. run off drain right next to property is grown over and not sure if drain is clogged but caused business tp flood.
  • 23161 Forest Lane Taylor, Michigan - Taylor
    Doors at curb not picked up on trash day yesterday.
  • 8163 5600 West West Jordan, Utah - West Jordan
    The turn signal light has not been properly set up causing back up issues during high traffic times in the day. If the turn signal could be adjusted at a time basis from 6-10 AM and 3-6 PM it would really help with those people who have to take a left onto 8200 to get into the community they live in.
  • 6724 6th Street Rio Linda, California - Rio Linda
    Vehicle parked in the Rio Linda Library parking lot. Has busted out windows. Parked in first stall to the left of the entrance on 6th street.
  • S Simms St X W. Cross Ave Littleton, Colorado - US Congressional District CO6
    Dear sir
    The traffic lights on S. Simms St x W.Cross Ave
    Almost take more than 2 minutes to change from red light to green light with traffic or without traffic
    please there's any possibility to adjust the lights
    timing depend traffic.
    Thank you
  • 2929 Sarah Lane Oklahoma City, Oklahoma County, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City
    Sarah Lane is washing out and falling apart. There is an OG&E substation at the end of this road and before long they won't be able to get their trucks up the road due to the road damage.
  • I35 And Swisher Denton, Texas - Corinth
    The timing of the traffic light has changed such that only about 5 cars get thru traveling north on I35 and turning west on Swisher. The traffic has been backed up more than normal for the past few days.
  • Corner Of Debkalb Insutiral And E Ponce De Leon decatur ga , Georgia - DeKalb County
    large pot hole tearing up cars