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  • County Road 235 Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    I was alerted by a citizen of Newberry of the amount of trash on the roadside of County Road 235. I can vouch for that concern as I live on a dirt road that intersects CR 235. The citizen was wondering who would be picking up the trash now that prison labor will no longer be used in the county. I also have a suggestion to post NO LITTERING signs with a listing of the fine amount. I have seen this in Marion County as well as Texas and it works. I look forward to seeing a solution to this rural concern. Thank you.
  • Other Closed
    10803 Nw 202 St Alachua, Florida - Alachua County
    I would appreciate if the road grader who did 202 st today in Alachua would not park in front of my property leaving large ruts in the grass. It is under a powerline but still on my property and is an area I maintain. I do appreciate his efforts on maintaining our road as it has become a heavily used throughway in this area.
  • 9685 Sw 96th Terrace Gainesville, FL - Alachua County
    I have no idea why my recycle was not collected but everyone else's was. attached is a pic.
  • Us-441 South Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    A landowner continues to place yard waste on the SB bike lane of US 441 in the 6400 block near the guardrail, forcing cyclist into the roadway. Collection service often takes a week or more to pick up, and then new piles appear.
  • 5043 Sw 64th Rd Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    There is a logging/land clearing opereration going on behind our house on Prairie View Trust land. It is parcel number 07002-000-000on the property map of Alachua County. It is county land, not city. Logging/land clearing begins at about 0615-0630 am, which I am told is a code violation. I have already spoken with arborist and my husband spoke with workers. Large oak trees are not being logged and there is 500 ft perimeter being maintained around an eagle's nest so I am not aware of any other violations. Thank you.
  • 909 Nw 113th Terrace GAINESVILLE, Florida - Alachua County
    The water usually drain unless there is a block. The water is sitting there even though there is not a lot of rain. This may lead to added bugs. Can you please take care of this? Thanks
  • Road Repair Archived
    Us 441 Micanopy , Florida - Micanopy
    US 441 southbound from williston rd. and northbound from McIntosh need to be repaired on both sides. Me and my husband have had to repair and replace our windshields several times because of loose gravel from the road hitting our car. All three of our vehicles have been affected.
  • 6406-6598 Sw 77th Dr Gainesville, FL, 32608, USA - Alachua County
    Somebody dumped a hot tub on the side of our building. WCA put a sticker it was too large for pickup, and I don't think its from anyone who lives here.
  • 2510 Ne 9th St Gainesville, FL, 32609, USA - 311GNVPolice Sector 3
    There is alot of debris all over grass on grounds amongst hazards to the well being of tentants which are living under these conditions.
  • 5960 Sw 75th St Gainesville, FL, 32608, USA - Alachua County
    Multiple trucks have started to park on Tower Rd immediately south of Archer Rd, parking across over 20 parking spots and blocking visibility. I asked the sherriffs office and they said they believed it was a code enforcement issue. Can those trucks please be removed from the public roadway and start parking in trucks stops?
  • 6320 Lake Shore Dr Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
  • Road Repair Archived
    Sw 15 Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Multiple large and small potholes all along 15th Ave between SR 41 to SW 170 St
  • Other Archived
    5824 Southeast 152 Street Hawthorne, Florida - Alachua County
    There is a white dog that is being held in a back fence that has no dog house to stay warm. They have a make shift thing that has towels over it and nothing for the dog to lay on but the hard ground. Please check it out my heart breaks for this dog in the cold.
  • 7454 Sw 65th Pl Gainesville, FL, 32608, USA - Alachua County
    The homeowner at 7454 SW 65th Place constantly has piles of trash out in front of and behind his home. WCA doesn't take it because he has the small bin size and it is constantly overflowing, so he places it in the recycling bins but they don't take that either for really obvious reasons. The trash is blowing into other people's yards and into our open areas. The trash also includes an abandoned vehicle that had its registration expired for 2 years right in front of the house. Please put him on a larger garbage can at the very least and tow the vehicle.
  • 124th Blvd Newberry, Florida - Alachua County
    124th Blvd is the ONLY way in & out. Spd limit is 25, but vehicles ROUTINELY go 45 +. Elderly, kids, families walk. PLEASE consider speed BUMP.
  • Tree/Limbs Archived
    Lake Shore Drive Newmans Lake Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Tree across entire road near Palm Point
  • 18515-18201 Southwest Archer Road Archer, Florida - Alachua County
    Full-Size Convertible Sofa has been dumped into the west bound lane of SW Archer Road in Archer, FL at 18624 SW Archer Road. It has already caused one serious auto accident as of last night. Needs removal immediately.
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    N441/Nw 59 Terrace Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    knocked down sign on west side of N441 near NW 59 Terrace
  • 8008 Nw 31st Ave gainesville, FL - Alachua County
    White small long haired male dog, not fixed, always dirty, wounds and left in the freezing cold. Owners have been seen kicking and throwing the animal out of the home. Apt 702 santa fe oaks
  • Road Repair Archived
    14105 Nw 39th Ave Gainesville, Florida - Alachua County
    Growing pothole on CR241 turn lane onto 39th Ave in front of 1st Baptist Church