Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 645
  • 670-714 Gooch Lane Madison, Alabama - Madison
    eastbound Gooch lane, Very bad repair. this entire right lane through the curve needs to be taken up and re-leveled.
  • 136-138 Antique Rose Drive Madison, Alabama - US Congressional District AL5
    Need speed limit signs posted. People speed excessively down this road, there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood. possibly install speed bumps like on Patra drive.
  • 5810 Wall Triana Highway Madison, Alabama - Madison
    Sewer drain near curb sinking and causing a serious dip/pothole. Could cause damage to vehicles wheels/tires.
  • 1629-1635 Hughes Road Madison, Alabama - Madison
    Repair in right lane is turning into a major pothole. Could cause tire/wheel damage
  • 4074 Sullivan Street Madison, Alabama - Madison
    roadway deteriorating, again, deep dips near curb.
  • County Line Rd Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    from boeing blvd intersection and Northward on to I565, there are numerous RECURRING potholes that are filled and then erode immediately after a rain. this entire section of road is in dire need of widening the 2 lane section, and re-engineering to support the overloaded dump trucks and 18 wheelers using this road. the 2 lane section north of boeing blvd is the worst, and it is dangerous.
  • 2522 County Line Road Madison, Alabama - Huntsville
    The entire stretch from Boeing Blvd north to where County Line rd widens to 4 lanes is completely shot, massive potholes and failed repairs. The repairs go to pieces after rain and excessive overweight trucks/dump trucks drive on it. suggest complete re-engineering of the road to incorporate 4 lanes and able to withstand excessive weights/dump trucks.
  • 5870 Wall Triana Highway Madison, Alabama - Madison
    left turn signals E/W bound 72 onto N/S bound Wall Triana out of sync. both should activate at the same time when cars are loaded in both turn lanes.
  • 2701-2771 County Line Road Madison, Alabama - Huntsville
    Numerous potholes, failed repairs and road disintegration due to heavy traffic and oversized /heavy trucks using this roadway. Dangerous and hazardous to folks driving this roadway daily to/from work at Boeing jetplex and Remington factory. Please widen two lane portion from intersection of Boeing blvd to where county line road changes from two lane to four lane( make countyline four lane all the way from Old HWY 20 to Boeing blvd intersection.
  • Pothole Archived
    2881-2911 County Line Road Madison, Alabama - Huntsville
    From the point where County Line rd changes from 4 lane to 2 lane, all the way to the intersection of Boeing Blvd is completely decimated with potholes, partial patches, failed patches and damage from excessively over sized trucks using the road. It is a hazard to the large amount of traffic to/from the Boeing Jetplex site and Remmington factory. I have lived here 8 years and have never seen a proper repair/ widening of this section of road, which it desperately needs. I travel it daily for work as do hundreds of others. This would help immensley!!