Bill Fuller

Rank: Municipal Avenger Civic Points: 615
  • 2151 Market St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Ralph Bunche
    this mess has been here for 2 weeks
  • Address Unavailable - Ralph Bunche
    furniture and garbage mid block on Linden
  • 2110 Linden St Oakland, CA 94607, USA - Ralph Bunche
    matress, couch, and junk on the corner
  • 2134 Linden St Oakland, California - Ralph Bunche
    The median at West grand is open to through traffic from the north side of Linden st across West Grand to the south side. We constantly have cars racing across west grand and down our street and a recent car chase ended up with bullets flying through my living room. Traffic was much improved during the recent sewer project when the median was closed off. I am requesting a permanent closing of the opening through the median at Linden st. There are easy ways across West Grand at the traffic lights at Adeline and at Market.