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  • 17 Essex Ave Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Barrel with purple bag out all day they didn't pick it up
  • 17 Essex Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    This is the second time I've written and the umpteenth time it's happened. The guy grabs the top bag in the barrel and doesn't bother to get the other. What's the deal?? Thanks.
  • 17 Essex Ave Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    For two weeks in a row, they have taken only one of two purple bags out of my trash barrel. Is there all of the sudden a one bag limit?!?
  • 17 Essex Ave Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    The vehicles (including city buses, huge trucks) come around the corner from Western Ave, onto Essex ave, where the posted speed limit is 25, going honestly up to 60/70 mph, all day long, all night. Years ago we discussed at ward meeting and several things were suggested, nothing happened. I have called the police in the past and they will put a speed register thing out for maybe a day. In Essex, there is ALWAYS a police car on 133 and there is a standing speed monitoring sign. People do NOT speed in Essex. I emailed the Ward 3 city councilor twice about this recently with no response. I KNOW my neighbors are also fed up. THANK YOU for finally changing Kent Circle to one way, we had three accidents in a month, one ran INTO our house. Can this issue be addressed before a fatality occurs? Thank you.