Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 92,220
  • Vacant Building Acknowledged
    149 Myrtle Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Druggies are in and out.
  • Trash: Collection Acknowledged
    154 Myrtle Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Black garbage can with trash falling out of it. Resident is afraid that the druggies will knock it over and the trash will be all over the street.
  • Trash: Collection Acknowledged
    317 Forrest Street Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    There are mattresses out in front of this property. They were not picked up. Resident wants them picked up. He does not know who put them out there.
  • Vacant Building Acknowledged
    310 Martin Luther King Drive Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    Drug addicts are going into the back of the building. They are bringing garbage and smoking crack and there is a lot of illegal activity. They can easily start a fire.
  • 77 Graham Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    There is construction debris all the way up to the top of the fence. The yard is filled and much of it is wood. They had bar b q out in the yard with all the trash. This is a fire hazard.
  • 10 Exchange Place Jersey City, NJ - The Waterfront
    There is uneven cobblestones at this address near the statue. Resident fell.
  • 295 Halladay Street Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    Tree needs to be trimmed it is interfering with the cables and wires.
  • Tall grass or weeds Acknowledged
    115 Neptune Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Front yard is overgrown and very tall. It is a jarring contrast between 115 and 117.
  • 275 Old Bergen Road Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    The trash in front of the house, behind the gate, is a disgusting mess. It smells really bad. The garbage bags are ripped, there is old windows and other debris that is piled. It has been there for 2 months and the smell is awful and it is unfair to the neighbors.
  • Monmouth Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Resident called to say that there is construction o Monmouth Street at Pavonia Avenue and that the streets are closed off. Because of this the traffic is turning up Brunswick Street the wrong way to get to 10th. Street. This is dangerous because people crossing are only looking in one direction for on coming traffic, especially the youth who are trying to get to the park. There is not police directing traffic.
  • 181 Lexington Avenue Jersey City, NJ - West Side
    It has been more than a month since this house put garbage out for collection. The trash is overflowing and it is attracting flies and other insects. It stinks and is affecting the quality of life for the neighbor.
  • 164 Rose Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Commercial property that is, according to the workers, being turned into a duplex. There are no permits and they are working overnight disturbing area residents and also they have people living in there. Neighbors confronted them and construction workers got nasty and told them to "call the cops."
  • 219 New York Avenue Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    In spite of the ordinance that says not to feed the wildlife, the resident of this address feeds the pigeons large amounts of food every day. Because of this they are in the street and get run over in record numbers so that there are dead birds all over the neighborhood. In addition because the birds are being fed they stay in the area and become a nuisance to the neighbors because they create an unsanitary environment.
  • 82 Ferry Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    Will be on the curb in front of this address.
  • 392 Ogden Avenue Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    Absentee landlord. Never cleans. The place is a disaster and the only home on Ogden Avenue that looks this messy. The handyman puts the garbage out periodically because he live far away. It is not contained properly and ends up all over the property and surrounding area.
    Landlord said that he owns a lot of property and he is busy which indicates that he can not be concerned about this.
  • 159 Custer Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Small animal in the gutter across the street from 159 Custer Avenue. It is in front of the NJ transit building.
  • Grand Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    The people who are doing the construction between 90 and 92 Freemont Street are using the Conrail property at Levi Valley Road as a dumping ground for all types of trash and debris. The residents of Booker T have lots of children whom they fear will get hurt on this debris because the children play on this property or walk through it to get to the park.
  • Cottage Street Jersey City, NJ - Journal Square
    The trash bins are deteriorated and they are always full with no covers. There are also weeds that are overgrown.
    The trash attracts bees which stung the children of resident caller. They need to have new trash containers with lids and the garbage needs to be cleaned up.
  • 619 Grove Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Mr. Larry Monroe came in to the office seeking assistance recovering his disability check from Social Security.
    He said that he has been on disability for 35 years. He is living at St. Lucy's Shelter for the past 2 years and has not received a check since moving in. He thinks the post office may have lost them.
  • 80 South Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights