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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 80,580
  • 281 Neptune Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    This house had a bad fire back in February. It caused some damage to the home next door which has been repaired. Owner of house next door is an elderly woman who said that she would like to be able to spend time outdoors on her porch or in her yard, but the damaged house is dropping ash and debris onto her making it impossible for her to sit on her own property comfortably. Is it possible that this house could be razed. It is in bad condition and appears not salvageable.
  • 267 Forrest Street Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    Caller said that this house is being renovated and the people contracted to do it are taking all of the trash and debris and dumping it on to the back yard and into the light rail tracks. She lives on Virginia in the back of this house and she can see this clearly from her window.
  • 281 Neptune Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    This house had a fire in February. Since then it is in total disarray. Even worse than it was before the fire, and it was bad then. There are piles of trash in the back and front yards. It is a total mess. The shed in the back is infested with stray cats. The house is a total disaster. The owner didn't clean up before the fire and it is worse even now.
  • 2 Boltwood Street Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    100 year old tree out on the sidewalk in front of this home fell due to the storm. Tree is laying on the sidewalk, fell into the yards of owner and neighbor. PSE&G already there.
  • 215 Danforth Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    The people at this house never clean up in front of their house. They allow dogs to defecate and urinate and never clean it up. It is a health hazard and gives off a foul odor that seeps into the house next door. This is unfair to the neighbors.
  • 346a Forrest Street Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    There is a vacant lot next door where a fence is being erected. In stead of removing all of the trash and debris, the people doing the work pushed all of the garbage up against the house at 346A Forest Street. Owner of this house has had a stroke and is not able to get out to clean up the mess that was caused by the people working in the vacant lot next door.
  • 35 Wayne Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Motorcycle parked on the side walk.
  • Troy Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    Several street lights on Troy Street between Summit Ave. and Montrose Ave.
  • 525 Central Avenue Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    Caller is a real estate agent. He was in the house. It is a complete gut job including new plumbing and kitchen. They are almost done with this but there is no permits. Also the basement has a log that is holding up a central beam in the house. It looked precarious.
  • 19 Armstrong Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    There is a large amount of trash. Some of it is asbestos. They had started to gut the house some months ago, never finished and never put the debris out for collection. Now due to snow and wind it is all over the street and sidewalk and property. Resident fears that the asbestos is dangerous for his dog and others.
  • 174 Bartholdi Ave Jersey City, NJ 07305, USA - Greenville
    they are putting in an illegal driveway.
  • Stegman Street Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Resident is concerned because her 10 year old grandson was jumped on the school grounds of PS # 15 School.
    She has contacted the Board of Education and she has a police report.
    Now yesterday her grandson was threatened again and he is afraid to go back to school. She does not know what to do, she is in fear for his safety.
  • 159 Audubon Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    The area around the manhole cover in front of this house is deteriorated and so the manhole cover shakes when it is driven over and it causes the house to shake. It needs to be filled and repaired.
  • 99 Waverly Street Jersey City, NJ - The Heights
    On the corner of Waverly and Lineau Place there is a commercial vehicle parked every night .after 9 PM in the crosswalk blocking turns. The truck moves after 9 AM so it is parked there for 12 hours and all weekend long. It is dangerous for drivers who can not make the turn safely and commercial vehicles are not allowed to be parked on the street after 9 PM. The vehicle says Verizon and the other one says NJ Transit. There are 2. Neither are ever ticketed in spite of the people of the neighborhood calling PCE.
  • Caven Point Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Bergen-Lafayette
    The stretch of this street from Garfield Avenue to Pacific Avenue is riddled with pot holes, ditches. It is a mess and needs to be resurfaced however the numerous requests for resurfacing have been ignored. So if the budget will not allow for repaving then please at least send a crew to try to fill and patch as many of the holes as possible. It is dangerous. Some are so deep I fear that they could cause a truck to topple. They are certainly large and deep enough to destroy tires or axles.
  • 235 Tonnele Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Journal Square
    The tree that was out on the curb line fell down in the snow storm and landed in the resident's back yard. He wants to have it removed.
  • Grand Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    There is a plate size, deep hole on Grand Street in the left lane heading east, right at the opening of Pacific Avenue. It is deep enough to damage a tire.
  • 10 Exeter Road Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    They took the paper but not the glass.
  • Eighteenth Street Jersey City, NJ - Downtown
    Constituent said that Eighteenth Street is just one of many streets downtown that need to be resurfaced. There are many that are a mess from one end to the other.
  • 70 Rose Avenue Jersey City, NJ - Greenville
    Light out causing more unsavory traffic to the area.