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  • 14 Cross Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Just wondering if it is unusual for a Fex Ex truck to be parked on Cross street for hours now. Don't they usually return to their home base overnight?
    Just a see something say something thing.
  • 13-15 Cross Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    First a pothole at the very beginning of Cross St and also plows tore up the end of my driveway. It's the only driveway on Left side of Cross St (One Way) and now my driveway is beginning to come undone. Please repair ASAP. Thank you.
  • 9 Massachusetts 127 Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Street Light out across the street from Lee's Restaurant on E. Main Street. Area very dark at night. Second pole from Parker Street towards downtown. No number on pole that's out and can't read number on pole closest to Parker street
  • 12 Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Cross St is a one way street with parking on one side only. There are not parking space lines to designate where to park and it sometimes leaves a lot of unused space where someone could have parked if everyone knew where the spaces started and ended. Requesting parking space marker lines to designate where to park.