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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 96,460
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    1000 Forest View Dr. Richmond, Virginia - Forest View
    2' deep sink hole has opened near the storm drain. There is a void under there under the pavement where just stepping in the wrong spot, the road would collapse.
    Cars can definitely cause it to cave in.
  • Bulk Trash Acknowledged
    1103 N 21st St Richmond, Virginia - Fairmount
    washer in alley needs to be picked up,.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    915 Catherine Street Richmond, Virginia - Carver
    A huge pot hole behind the backyard...need gravels as well.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    551 Westover Hills Boulevard Richmond, Virginia - Northrop
    2 potholes in southbound left lane, about 4 ft apart [need to drive over the lane divider to avoid)
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3125 Hathaway Road Richmond, Virginia - Stratford Hills
    large deep pothole heading towards Forest Hill Avenue.
  • Other Acknowledged
    4013 Hickory Road Richmond, VA, Virginia - Southampton
    Leaves from uphill areas have caused big blockage at this driveway, causing potential overflow situation should there be another deluge.
  • 100-108 North 1st Street Richmond, Virginia - Monroe Ward
    The brick walk in the area is a mess! Missing and loose bricks. Dangerous walking conditions.
  • Bulk Trash Acknowledged
    1050-1098 Chantilly Street Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    Tree branches from last months snow storm. Located by alley on Chantilly Street between West Franklin Street and Bromley Lane.
  • Other Closed
    3715 Virginia 147 Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    Median Covered with trash and weeds.
  • Other Acknowledged
    8509 Chippenham Road Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    City has come by every year to clean out ditch in from of 8509 Chippenham Road to prevent flooding. This has not occurred this year.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    8509 Chippenham Road Richmond, Virginia - Southampton
    On Chippenham Road directly in front of 8509 Chippenham Road's driveway. Three Potholes on city property.
  • Street Lighting Acknowledged
    3914 Monument Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Sauer's Gardens
    streetlight burned out near this address.
  • 953-999 Chantilly Street Richmond, Virginia - Willow Lawn
    streetlight burned out east side of this block.
  • Wythe Ave. And Sauer Ave Richmond, Virginia - Malvern Gardens
    Streetlight burned out in the intersection.
  • West Franklin And Antrim Ave. Richmond, Virginia - Malvern Gardens
    streetlight burned out in the intersection
  • Other Archived
    Kansas Avenue At Texas Avenue Richmond, Virginia - Maymont
    Fire hydrant at corner of Kansas Avenue and Texas Avenue is leaking. Not a big leak, just dripping steadily.
  • Other Acknowledged
    2613 W Cary St Richmond, Virginia - The Fan
    Dead tree that keeps dropping large limbs on vehicles just in front of 2613 and 2611 W Cary ST
  • Street Lighting Acknowledged
    3939 Brook Road Richmond, Virginia - Ginter Park
    The street light in front of 3939 Brook Road has been going on and off intermittently for about a week. It stays lit for a few minutes, then it dims, then goes out completely for about a minute, and then comes back on. Then it repeats the whole process. Thank you!
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    3141 Hopkins Rd Richmond, Virginia - Deerbourne
  • Bulk Trash Closed
    3145 Navarone Ave Richmond, Virginia - Walmsley
    3 mattresses need to be picked up they are on the side of the house on Fluvanna ave