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  • E 12 Mile Rd Roseville, MI, 48066, USA - Roseville
    The light in 12 mile and Utica, in Roseville Michigan does not turn in green. I stayed for 30 min on traffic waiting for it to change color
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    27800 Groveland St Roseville, MI - Roseville
    Please paint a bicycle sign in the bike lane on west bound Martin just east of Groesbeck. People think its a right turn lane and I'm afraid some large vehicle is going to take off the right side of my car. Thank you.
  • 19111 Ike Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Roads were repaved within last year. Nobody ever removed the black tarp from the street drainage grate on massachusetts near Ike street. Floods constantly as drainage is restricted. Was flooded this morning also. Please remove it and if the tarp around the corner at intersection of massachusetts & florence wasn't removed yet please take that out also. Floods there a lot.
  • Pothole Archived
    Flora St Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    All of the potholes on Flora need to be refilled again
  • 13 Mile And Little Mack Road Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The green arrow turn indicator (right turn) is out for northbound Little Mack traffic.
  • Flora St Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Red spray paint graffiti on the wall facing Flora St.
  • 28990-28998 Groesbeck Highway Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The traffic signal timing is too short for travel on Groesbeck, causing traffic backups for North and Southbound commuters. Groesbeck green light is 35 seconds. 12 Mile green light is 50 seconds. There is no traffic on 12 mile waiting. Please adjust traffic signal to add more time for Groesbeck green light and less time for 12 mile green light. THANKS!
  • 28740 Massachusetts Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    As of 8pm Sunday may 20th the front/rear grass & weeds are at least a foot tall. House is occupied.
  • Pothole Archived
    Flora Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Multiple potholes along the entire street really need to be filled in.
  • Pothole Archived
    28067 Schram Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Please fill in hole in front of this house when you get a minute.
  • Pothole Archived
    19115 Rock Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Please fill pothole in center of road in front of this house. Not urgent its avoidable but please when you get a chance.
  • 17001-17905 Phyllis Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Can you tell the Jade Forrest Apt./Condos to clean up the orange temporary fences they put up where the wood one was broken. The orange plastic fences are all torn and not attached to any posts and its looking awful. Can't they tie them back up. Their kids just broke another one. Now at night there's men that walk through there and use it for shortcuts to Church street.
  • 17811 Tennyson Street Roseville, MI - Roseville
    trash all over yard, shed in back no doors items spilling out
  • Pothole Archived
    Wildwood Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
  • Pothole Archived
    16005 Sturgeon St Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    I know the potholes on this street were recently filled but they are back and worse then ever. Even the "good" side of the street is infected now. Especially in front of 15715. Please help!
  • Graffiti Archived
    18032-18210 East Eleven Mile Road Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    2 ft high black letters painted on circular wall of I-696 pedestrian bridge just East of Gratiot. On E 11 mile road side of bridge at ground height. Just stand on sidewalk in front of bridge and you'll be right in front of it.
  • Pothole Archived
    East Edsel Ford Freeway Roseville, Michigan - Roseville

    Multiple Large Potholes that keep opening up are opened up again at intersection of 12mile/I-94 West Ramp. Also lesser potholes in right turn lane on 12mile rd entrance to I-94 West Ramp.

    Thank You

  • 28730 Massachusetts Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Florence Construction Co. removed the WILFRED/MASSACHUSETTS street sign during street construction & never put back up.
  • 17901-17999 Church Street Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    Gang activity and graffiti. Cars broken into and more vandalism. Done by young kids living in townhouses. Need more police out here.
  • Att @ Sycamore/Gratiot Roseville, Michigan - Roseville
    The ATT building at Sycamore/Gratiot only shoveled/salted directly in front of their bldg & driveway. Sidewalk in front of their parking lot is a mess and has an approx 1 foot tall berm of snow across the sidewalk on their property line with Cirillas @#$% shop. Please have them finish snow removal if required by code. I don't understand how businesses so often get away without cleaning sidewalks. Not just in Roseville, It''s very common where i walk in other cities as well.