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  • Pothole Open
    21 South Kilby Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Several potholes in the area. He is aware that it is a private road, but was hoping we cold send the Public Works inspector out to take a look to see if it is something that the City can take care of.
  • 3 Pond Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
  • Crosswalks Closed
    99 Prospect Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    The "Walk Now" light in the crosswalk in front of the Curtis B. Clark building on Prospect Street appears to be not working. This is a bus stop for children so a lot of kids use this crosswalk to cross a busy street. It's more dangerous now, with the light out, because the kids don't know when to cross the street to the bus stop. Thank you!
  • 5 Lowe Drive Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    50 Gloucester Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install a "Yield" sign on Rockland Street where it intersects with Gloucester Avenue.
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    13 Madison Court Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install a "Stop" sign on Madison Court (northerly side - Rockland Street side) where it intersects with Gloucester Avenue
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    2-98 Madison Court Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install a stop sign on Madison Court at its intersection with Rockland Street
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Pond Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please add - "No Parking Tow Away Zone" signs on Pond Road from its intersection with Eastern Ave - (right side of road) for a distance of 250 feet (3 signs?)
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Grove Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install two "One Hour Parking" - between the entrance to Oak Grove Cemetery and the intersection of Grove Street
  • Gloucester Crossing Road Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
  • Pothole Archived
    4 Old Salem Path Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    dangerous conditions
  • Tree Issues Acknowledged
    Rockport Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    large willow
  • Pothole Archived
    10 Emerson Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Bob McGillivray called this afternoon in regards to a pothole located in Lincoln Park on the roadway going out to Emerson Ave. He would like it to be addressed with a request for follow-up. Bob's phone number is: (978) 281-0962
  • Tree Issues Acknowledged
    282 Magnolia Ave Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    4-5 Dead trees along the street from recent Caterpillar infestation for the past two years. These trees have dead limbs that have been falling in the road and in my driveway. Eventually a limb or tree will hit someone causing severe injury. With winter coming the ice will also build up on the tree causing weight and winds causing the trees to then fall into the electrical lines, street and causing a blockage. the city is responsible for removal of these trees as early as possible.
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    Tolman St And Williams Ct Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Street light on the corner of Tolman St. and Williams Ct. is out. I think it's pole # 3101
  • 25 Rogers St Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester

    There is a brick that sticks too far upward.

    My friend was visiting from out of town and she tripped over that brick and fell on her face. She split her top lip, scraped her nose which bled for about 30 minutes and scraped her knee.

    The employees at Mingewood came out to make sure she was ok and brought us napkins for her nose.

  • Hartz Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install 20MPH speed limit signs on Hartz Street - Beginning at the junction of Bass Avenue, northerly on Hartz street ending at the juntion of Eastern Avenue. And also at the junction of Eastern Avenue, southerly on Hartz Street ending at junction of Bass Ave.
  • Sidewalk Issue Acknowledged
    95 Maplewood Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Sidewalks needs to be cleaned up with blower.
  • Pothole Archived
    Puerto Drive Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    97 Atlantic Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    2 metal light poles in front of the elks parking lot. One light flickers and one is completely out.