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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 18,615
  • Street Light Issue Acknowledged
    Stacy Boulevard Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    The top of the double light fixture is turned sidewys.
  • Other Closed
    6 Davis Street Extension Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Behind the small parking lot next to the EG School is a brook and an area which I cleared out and maintained since the 1970's for the purpose as a neighborhood compost pile, dog walk and a shortcut for students and parents between E. Main St. and the school. a few years ago I informed Mike Hale and Mark Cole of a group of rotted trees that are in danger of coming down on the edge of the parking lot. Today a city crew destroyed the path and removed a part of a different tree while the dangerous trees remain standing.
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    Hough Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    There are several areas of graffiti - on granite rocks photos attached to this work order
  • Sidewalk Issue Acknowledged
    121 Western Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Tree root has heaved a concrete panel in the sidewalk creating a trip hazard. Its painted orange, but needs to be repaired asap.
  • Pothole Open
    7 Harrison Avenue Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Large potholes along the sidewalk.
  • 952r Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester

    please plow the road to the public landing -it has not been cleared.

    thank you so much!!

  • 2 Commonwealth Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Slow Children sign is old and bent across from 2 Commonwealth AVe
  • Traverse Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Traverse Street sign is missing the "v"
  • Derby Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    "No Parking" sign is faded across from Myrtle Square.
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    9 Davis Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    East Gloucester School sign is faded 24"x18"
  • 78 East Main Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    No Parking sign is faded and hard to read at Cripple Cove
  • Gloucester MA - Gloucester
    "Playground" sign at Cripple Cove playground on East Main St is cracked and needs to be replaced
  • Haskell Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    25 MPH sign needs to be replaced, its old and faded
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Powell Court Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Powell Court sign is white and should be blue
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Blake Court Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    The street sign is old and faded and the pole is bent
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Harbor Loop Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    No Parking Bus Stop sign faded on the Americold side of Harbor Loop
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    88 Bond Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Essex Ave end of Bond Street - The Bond Street sign is leaning
  • Curtis Square Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Pole is leaning, signs need to be straitened out
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    Apple Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Apple Street - street sign needs to be replaced.
  • Elm Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Prospect Street end of Elm St, Street sign and one way sign are leaning