Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 31,975
  • 226 Bray St Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Directly across the street from the house at 226 Bray street there is a huge dead tree. The tree is pretty much next to the street. At the base of the tree there is quite a bit of fungal growth. If you look up the fungal growth is also coming out of multiple other places towards the top of the tree indicating that the tree is dead. I had a tree on my property exactly like this last year that fell over the winter. Please attend to as soon as possible. I good storm would take this tree out along with the power lines across the street.
  • 16 Cleveland Place Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    The catch basin located in the parking lot of the Cleveland Place Condos needs to be repaired.
  • 18 Ocean Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    At the intersection of Ocean Ave and Maple Street there is a fire hydrant that needs to be rotated about 45 degrees so that it faces the corner for easier access from both Ocean Ave and Maple St.
  • Brush Acknowledged
    18 Ocean Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    At the intersection of Ocean Ave and Maple St there is a fire hydrant set back from the edge of road and is almost completely covered by brush.
  • 65 Poplar Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install in just before 65 Poplar Street - "Slow - Hidden Drive" sign
  • Atlantic Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Is there a plan to replace all the damaged guard rails on Atlantic Street.
  • Street Sign Issue Acknowledged
    393r Main Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Beginning at approximately 393 Main St (Rose's Oil) please install 4 "Best Truck Route" signs with arrow pointing towards Bass Ave Lights
  • Myrtle Square Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Someone spray painted over the “Square” portion of the street name Myrtle Square on both sides of the street sign, so it only reads “Myrtle” instead of “Myrtle Square”.
  • Rockport And Long Beach Rds Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Since N Grid is re-paving their work on adjacent Thacher rd- would they re-pave the sink holes they have created on these roads as well?
  • 97 Centennial Avenue Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please install two "15 Minute Parking Only" signs - Western Avenue from Centennial Ave to Perkins Road
  • 11 Seaview Road And 8 Seaview Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
  • 153 Western Ave 2, Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    I live at 153 Western ave which is a bus stop for 3 schools starting as early as 6 am . I have spoken several times to mayor, dpw and to gps transportation. The bus stop is very dangerous with traffic. The crosswalk has been painted and 2 crosswalk signs have been put up. HOwever 1 is covered by a tree. I have also been asking for years for a bus stop ahead sign. i cant tell you how many times i have seen either kids almost get hit or a bus rearended. In the winter its even harder because of how dark it is and NO STREET lights.
  • 52 Ye Olde County Road Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    leaking for two weeks
    bubbling up from under top of driveway
    3 feet from control valve box
  • 21 Main St Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Three bricks are missing from the sidewalk to the right of Mystery Train. Tripping hazard.
  • missing sign Archived
    2 Fremont Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    There has been a no parking sign missing from Fremont Street for a very long time. It was on a pole across from our condo association's building and parking lot, and it disappeared. Cars are now parking there frequently, and you would NEVER get an emergency vehicle up the street when they are there (right side-the street is already one way). Please replace the sign, maybe on the telephone pole at the corner of the driveway on the right? Thank you for your attention to this matter.
  • 66 /70 Friend St Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Female is hanging around this location bothing tenants . Get a job . Has a very raspy smokers voice. Could be staying at 66 Freind st. Very disturb person
  • 1000 Washington Street Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    Neighbors are bringing in rocks to make private paths from their property to the beach and filling beach areas with rocks so that the public can not sit in front of their property. This is a public beach.
  • Walnut Street Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    Please place a "No Parking Here to Corner" sign w/a left arrow heading westerly on Walnut St. 20 ft. before Squam Rock Rd.
  • Pothole Archived
    Wolf Hill Rd Gloucester, Massachusetts - Gloucester
    These potholes approach the size of sinkholes. I have a small car and am fearful of disappearing into them.
    Thank you
  • Tree Issues Archived
    Clifford Court Gloucester, MA - Gloucester
    The tree on Clifford Court that is directly behind 77 Centennial Ave needs to be removed per the Director