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  • 6359 Woodburn Avenue Elkridge , Maryland - Elkridge
    Hello, My property sits below an area that has recently been stripped of all its trees and vegetation to make room for a new housing development.Unfortunately, the developers (Harmony) didn’t see to upgrading the strom drainage around the new homes they built and my property is suffering as a result. I do know that the new houses above me are experiencing flooding as well. I had asked Ho Co to install better drainage on Forest Ave which they did, however, I don’t think the drainage system extends to cover the entirety of the new developed street. The dead end portion of Forest Ave, which is directly behind my property, is ultimately washing my property away causing basement and garage flooding.
    Also, part of my driveway is County land.
    I’d very much like to install a ‘v’ type concrete gutter alongside the driveway to direct water to the nearsest drain to help divert water.
    Please help alleviate the water running through these properties by installing significant drainage on Forest Ave.
    This is the Harwood Park section in Elkridge.
    Mind you, all of this run-off empties into a stream that is located below my property.
    Thank you so much
  • 7009 Woodscape Drive Clarksville, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    Tree down in roadway and on a car
  • 2892 Millers Way Drive Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Large cables protrude from the ground in several locations on Millers Way Drive between the intersection of Chapel Hill Drive and the end of Millers Way Drive. Some of the cables stick out more than 5 feet high. They need to be cut down and covered by boxes. The cables are the responsibility of Comcast but they will not/have not repaired after numerous attempts to contact.
  • Corner Of Millers Way Drive And Kidwell Street Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    These corners are horribly overgrown and pose a safety threat as pedestrians are forced to walk on the road around a corner to avoid the tall grass
  • 6285 Beechwood Drive Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Grass along Stevens Forest Rd needs mowed, resident would like to know if we still mow this area, please inspect
  • 900 Henryton Road Marriottsville, MD - Howard County
    Resident called and said that a mulberry tree was cut down (thought it was howard county crew) and just thrown into the stream across street. Resident fears that it will block flow or stream. Please inspect/remove.
  • 9504 Dragonclaw Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Very young tree along roadway is badly leaning over roadway. Please inspect for health or give some support.
  • 8296 Lark Brown Road Columbia, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    section of roadway on Lark Brown going towards Old Waterloo has not been cut, please inspect
  • 3154 Elmmede Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    tree in front needs trimmed back from sidewalk, please inspect
  • 12170 Lime Kiln Road Fulton, MD - Maple Lawn
    Invert of metal pipe in the shoulder of the road needs to have the sticks removed.
  • 5356 Iron Pen Place Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Tree may be causing issue with the driveway apron. Looks to b raised up about 4-6 inches.
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    5504 Cedar Lane Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Rotted stub
  • 9267 Old Scaggsville Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Gully on side of road created from cars parking and now there is standing water. Please inspect
  • Whiskey Bottom Road MD - North Laurel
    Gravel in roadway on Whiskey Bottom just W of RT 1, approximately 30-40' stretch
  • Ellicott City MD - Ellicott City
    Crews filled this hole recently with topsoil and grass seed. Within a few hours, we had a heavy rain that washed some soil and all the grass seed away. Can you come back and replace the material but use a curlex blanket to stabilize the area until the grass seed takes?
  • 2622 Kidwell Place ELLICOTT CITY, MD - Ellicott City
    The land at the end of my street is owned by the county and hasn't been mowed in months. It is over grown and covering the sidewalk posing a safety hazard. My community is concerned about the condition of this stretch of land and we would like the county to please provide maintenance and routine upkeep as they do for other lands owned by public works. Thank you.
  • Par I 31 103 SQ' MILLERS WAY DR DAN MILL OVRLO S3 A1 RSB, Ellicott City, Maryland - Howard County

    PAR I 31,103 SQ'

    Owned by the county is not being mowed, fire hydrant is almost inaccessible

  • Sidewalk Concern Acknowledged
    Windharp Way Columbia , Maryland - Columbia
    A couple of places on the sidewalk have buckled and created tripping hazards because of Howard County's trees' large tree roots lifting up the sidewalk. Also poor upkeep of the sidewalks and surrounding lawn areas make it difficult to walk here without tripping on debris from trees and dirt washing into sunken sidewalk areas.
  • 8410 Upper Sky Way Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    white median sign appears to be run over, please inspect
  • The Street name sign is down at Daisy rd. and AE Mullinix. Laying on ground