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Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 216,795
  • 7120 Oakland Mills Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Concerned about trash along a pathway managed by the Columbia Association.
  • 2908 Pebble Beach Drive Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Ms. Scope was complaining about the noise the frogs were making in the storm water management area next to her house. She says the noise is deafening.
  • 9239 Old Scaggsville Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Tree on overhead line
  • 5437-5453 Trumpeter Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    crosswalk if faded please replace it
  • 2090 Mount Hebron Drive Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    3 trees in front near roadway appear to be diseased, please inspect
  • Countryside Drive Glenwood, MD - Howard County
    No Outlet sign down, post broke, please inspect
  • Sidewalk Concern Acknowledged
    11002 Swansfield Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Sidewalk is uneven and sunken at one point. Please inspect for tree roots causing issue and call resident back with status of repairs. One area holds a lot of water.
  • 11002 Swansfield Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Multiple trees are dying at and next door to 11002. Please inspect all trees at 11002 and surrounding trees on left and right for removal. Dropping limbs and larger pieces of tree during windy storms. Please call resident with status of inspection.
  • 3922 Old Columbia Pike Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Embankment is washing away. Please inspect
  • 13254-13298 Linden Church Road Clarksville, Maryland - Howard County
    pallet and misc pipes. they have been there for over 1 month.
  • 5339 Briar Oak Court Ellicott City, MD - US Congressional District MD3
    Along Briar Oak Ct, Sink hole forming by storm drain between sidewalk and roadway, please inspect
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    Ridermark Row Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    There is a pot hole as you enter Ridermark Row at the stop sign. It seems to be getting bigger with time.
  • Pothole Closed
    Longview & Greenway Drive Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Several potholes at stop sign makes it necessary to drive into the left side of intersection to avoid the expanding potholes from the winter snowplowing.
  • 2610 Liter Court Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Sink hole in front of 2610 next to sewer manhole reported yesterday but has gotten a lot worse in the last 24 hours. Called into BOU at 3:34 pm.
  • 8389 Glenmar Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    storm drain in back yard between 8389 and 8385 has a hole developing, please inspect
  • 4249 College Avenue Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    large amount of tree debris at entrance to pumping station, please inspect
  • 2299-2303 Marriottsville Road Woodstock, MD - Howard County
    Curbing damaged due to vehicle accident at Marriottsville Rd @ Warwick Way, please inspect
  • 8700 Old Frederick Road Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    25 MPH sign down in the 8700 block of Old Frederick Rd
  • 5426-5448 Blue Heron Lane Columbia, MD - Columbia
    child crossing sign down at Blue Heron Lane @ Green Mountain Circle, please inspect
  • 9343 Mellenbrook Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Both trees in front need to be trimmed, please inspect