Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 331,080
  • Pothole Open
    Irwin Trail And Kaiser Drve Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    Huge pothole which has been here for several months. On the south side of Irwin Trail just before it intersects with Kaiser Drive
  • 13756 Nichols Drive Clarksville, MD - Howard County
    water runs across roadway,across the street from old quarry, possible springhead?, please inspect
  • 3226 Greenway Drive Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Ground in front and back is very wet and hold water, please inspect
  • Fels Lane Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Stop sign completely down at the intersection of Ellicott Mills and Fels Lane.
  • 7104 Morning Light Trail Columbia, Maryland - Columbia
    The Speed Limit Sign was found down on the ground..after the high wind. It is next to walkway near the mail box. It needs to be planted to the ground.
  • Ellicott City MD - Ellicott City
    Broken glass at the intersection has been there since Monday after an automobile accident.
  • 4420 College Avenue Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Area going uphill towards Bonnie Branch needs repaired, please inspect
  • 6445 Belleview Drive Columbia, MD - Columbia
    storm drain pipe on Belleview is clogged with mud and debris, please inspect
  • Tree Concern Acknowledged
    8302 Haven Hill Court Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Leaning cherry near split rail fence over sidewalk out towards roadway. Also low hanging limbs on Crest rd hitting busses when coming off of 216 turning onto Crest Rd. Clear both sides over sidewalk.
  • 8445 Old Columbia Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Tree on side of roadway across from Rocky Gorge Golf Fairways, also wire laying on road in front of Rocky Gorge, please inspect
  • 6612 Seneca Farm Road Columbia, MD - Columbia
    alot of rain coming from roadway onto property, please inspect
  • Pothole Closed
    7540 Assateage Drive Jessup, Maryland - Howard County
    In the right hand lane on Assateague Drive right before the entrance to 7540 Assateague Drive (CGC Holdings Inc) there is a sizable pothole that may damage vehicles.
  • 10837 Green View Way Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Street light next to 10837 is out, hasn't been working for about a month. Please replace the bulb.
  • Pothole Closed
    6144 Little Foxes Run Columbia, MD - Columbia
    Snowden River PKWY NB approaching Tamar Dr
  • 11418 Barrow Downs Columbia, MD - Columbia
    tree in front, painted red spot, appears dead, please inspect
  • Tree Concern Archived
    8009 Crest Road Laurel, MD - North Laurel
    Trees are overgrown and need to be trimmed. Hitting school buses and delivery trucks. Please inspect issue.
  • Marriottsville Road MD - Howard County
    The yellow and white lines are very faded making it very hard to see them. On the Howard County side coming from the railroad. Requesting that they be repainted. Need to have them inspected and redone.
  • Green Clover Drive Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Storm drain is clogged and not draining properly. Creating a big pool of water. The drain is located at the corner Green Clover Drive prior to RT 99. Please inspect.
  • 13762 Barberry Way Sykesville, MD - Howard County
    Tree down across the road.
  • 8404 Timberland Circle Ellicott City, MD - Ellicott City
    Inlet box on Timberland Circle and Autumn Rust has sink hole.