Rank: "Jane Jacobs" Civic Points: 191,510
  • 1500 Michigan Ave Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Mosquitos in the area are massive.
  • 1573 S. Washington Ave Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater

    We have constant issues with noise violation for over a year. The music is audible into our home and is very offensive. There are multiple noise complaints reported to clearwater police

    We have video evidence of the issues.

    Also illegal burning extremely close to the home putting others at risk for fires.

  • 10239 51st Avenue North Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 6
  • 1155 Lake Ave Se largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    lot of traffic coming down our dead end rd, drivers think its a short cut off ulmerton rd. need signs that says dead end no outlet. some drivers fly down the dirt road.
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    Tampa Bay Pawn Oldsmar, Florida - Commission District 1
    Please look closely at the Tampa Bay Pawn shop which is within unincorporated Oldsmar. It has giant dollar signs outside, tacky window signs, big signs promoting gun sales (within 1.1miles of Oldsmar Elementary,) and they also have a giant Monster Truck with business signs all over it parked out front, as well as a rusty old boat and boat trailers. It is our entrance to the city of Oldsmar across from some beautiful new town homes for sale. It needs to be regulated and removed please.
  • 3344 Barnsdale Dr Apt A Largo, Florida - Largo
    We neeed a spray out here for this ditch. The mosquitoes are getting so big and dence at night you can’t sit outside.
  • 616 6th Street North East Largo, Florida - Largo
  • Ditch Obstruction Acknowledged
    1849 Laurence Ct Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    A large tree as been out and in the ditch and fence since the hurricane
  • 140 Glenn Moor Circle Dunedin, Florida - Dunedin
    Misquitos are bad especially in the evening. I think neighbors behind us may be the issue
  • Stormdrain Issues Acknowledged
    8501 42nd Ave N Saint Petersburg, Florida - Commission District 7
    The eastern part of the canal between 43rd Ave N and 42nd Ave N is full of sediment due to the storm drain either pushing heavy amounts of sediment into the canal, or the turbulent outflow piling up muck on either side of the pipe. This canal is completely impassible at low tide only at these areas, due to the storm drain. Tax payers such as myself spend considerable amounts of money to be on the water and have unobstructed boating access, which is slowly being taken away from us.
  • 10083 84th Way, Largo, Florida - Commission District 6
    The mosquitoes are so bad they are constantly here and to the point just entering andbexiting our home they are getting inside.
  • 2401 Quincy St. S. ST PETERSBURG, Florida - Commission District 7
    mosquitos have been really bad the last few weeks to the point i cant even be outside for more than 2 minutes past dusk without getting bitten multiple times over my body
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    4823 Blue Jay Circle Palm harbor/ Pinellas County , Florida - Palm Harbor
  • Code Enforcement Acknowledged
    10255 117th Drive Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    High grass,refuse not picked up
  • Potholes(5) Acknowledged
    1 County Road 611 Tarpon Springs, Florida - East Lake
    Southbound on East Lake Rd, between intersection of Keystone Rd and the next traffic light, there are at least five (5) potholes in various stages of size. Two are just simply improperly filled potholes that are very uneven if your vehicle happens to transit over them and the other three are on the passenger side of the vehicle and are small but deep enough to potentially cause damage to tires/wheels/alignment and will only get worse as time progresses if not repaired.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    14176 Feather Sound Drive Clearwater, Florida - Feather Sound
    pot hole southwest corner of intersection
  • 542 52nd Terrace North Saint Petersburg, Florida - St. Petersburg
    David was here on Monday when we had standing water from a week prior when it rained. He requested that we get back with him 24 hours after the next rain. It rained here yesterday around 5:30pm
  • 4823 Blue Jay Circle Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    This house burned in December, has been recently sold and is a huge unkept eye sore. It is trashed and smells awful. no work has started yet, and this seriously needs cleaned up.
  • 2565 17th Ave N St petersburg, Florida - North Kenwood Neighborhood Association
    We cannot go outside for more than 5 minutes. The mosquitos are overwhelming.
  • Road Issue Closed
    1621 Valencia Drive East Largo, Florida - Largo
    Extensive alligator cracking and potholes in the area between Valencia Dr and Valencia Dr N.