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  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    8177 Bayhaven Dr Seminole, Florida - Commission District 6
    Our cul-de-sac has so much storm debris that there may be a safety issues if a firetruck had to get by here. Seriously, it's a BIG mess.
  • Pothole Archived
    11150 105 Av largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    front of 11150 and 11110 105th av
  • Us 19 N & Innisbrook Dr Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Innisbrook Dr has two eastbound lanes at the intersection of US 19. The left lane is used to turn northbound onto US19 and to go straight onto Citrus Dr. The right lane is a turn lane to go southbound onto US 19. The issue is drivers are using the right to go straight onto Citrus Dr almost causing accidents when drivers in the left lane are going straight at the same time. The right lane doesn't match up with westbound lane on Citrus Dr. I've lived in the neighborhood for almost 16 years and after the intersection was made, there was a right turn only sign posted. The sign hasn't been there in a few years due to it being knocked down. Two things can the portion of Innisbrook Dr approaching US 19 be designated a left and right lane and can a right turn only sign be posted.
  • 16650 Gulf Boulevard North Redington Beach, Florida - North Redington Beach
    Residents been reporting a lot of mosquitoes by the ponds and pool/cabana areas on the property.
  • 932-998 East Lake Road North Tarpon Springs, Florida - East Lake
    The light at Keystone and East Lake Road are causing huge delays for the light at Trinity and East lake. It's taken an extra half hour to get through just one traffic signal that normally would take five minutes. The lights need to be adjusted so keystone doesn't get backed up. Many times I have been turning south bound on East lake from Trinity, I've been stopped and unable to turn due to traffic waiting at keystone. I sit through multiple light cycles just to get through the one light. The traffic clears up after keystone, so I know it's a problem with that light. Please fix! Thanks so much!
  • 11297 116th St largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    Hello, I was hoping to see if someone could possibly replace our missing street sign that was blown away by Hurricane Irma. The intersection of 114th Ave & Ridge Road in Largo currently has no street sign, and only the Stop sign remains. I myself, as well as visiting guests, have missed our street since the sign has blown down. It also makes it harder for friends / family to find our street, as there are no lights on that portion of the road. If someone could please replace the street sign at that intersection, we would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  • 14191 Valentine Trail Largo, Florida - Largo

    Water leaking under sidewalk - east side of property.

  • 11697 Easy Street Largo, Florida - Commission District 5
    vehicle parked on the street that has an expired tag that has been in the roadway for months
  • Mcmullen Booth Rd And Sr580 Clearwater, Florida - Clearwater
    Much longer lines on 580 than before Irma. Mistimed light?
  • 8770 133rd Avenue North Largo, Florida - Largo
    Missing STOP sign
  • 8770 133rd Avenue North Largo, Florida - Largo
    Missing STOP sign.
  • 1060 Gulf Blvd Clearwater, Florida - Sand Key
    Dog park- at dusk
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    15000 Westminister Avenue B, Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    This could be a sinkhole...its hollow underneath the road and getting bigger
  • 505 Oakleaf Blvd Oldsmar, Florida - Oldsmar
    Mosquitoes like crazy!!!
    Thank you,
  • Road Issue Closed
    2057 Whitney Drive Clearwater, Florida - Commission District 5
    I have already called once and reported the broken street light caused by Irma's wind whipping around. I am oping it will be fixed soon as it is very dark in front of my property and very unsafe.
    Address: 2057 Whitney Drive
    Clearwater 33760-1811
  • Road Issue Acknowledged
    Long Bow Lane Clearwater, Florida - Largo
    I live on Long Bow Lane in Largo.
    I just saw a Pinellas County Public Works
    "Air Sweeper" truck come down my street and sweep/vacuum along the edges of my street.
    Right now there are enormous piles of tree trunks and tree branches lining both sides of the street, piled up on front of every house. These piles tower over my head as I walk down the street, and I am sure it will be quite some time before they are all removed because of the enormous amount of these throughout the entire county. (which I completely understand and I am not complaining at all about the piles.)
    But, it is a complete waste to have a truck come down my street to sweep up a few leaves & dirt with these piles of trees everywhere! A waste of this employees valuable time, as well as a waste of fuel.
    I watched as the truck went by and there was absolutely no difference in the road after it passed down the street. (other than the pollution/fumes the truck was spewing)
    As soon as they start removing the piles of trees, the road will be filled with debris. Wouldn't it make more sense to send the sweeper truck then?!
    Isn't there something else more meaningful this valuable employee could be doing?!
    Thank you,
    Marcia Miller
    727-480-9379 cell
  • 2475 Mcmullen Booth Clearwater, Florida - Safety Harbor
    Property owner failing to property fix sewer lines that connect to city or county sewer lines. Sewage is collecting under ground/under businesses. Business are overrun with flies. Pinellas County Gov. initiated litigation against Kim Preedom and Randall Preedom (Co-Trustees of Preedom Land Trust and KOS Corp. of April 2009, regarding similar issues of discharge of waste into Mullet Creek. At this time, tenants are affected; however, this discharge will make its way to Mullet Creek. Tenant Derrin Jones can provide access to the area in question for visual inspection.
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    201-209 Millstone Drive Palm Harbor, Florida - Palm Harbor
    Pothole in the middle of the street
  • 1261 Gulf Blvd. Suite 103 Clearwater, Florida - Sand Key
    This is an on going issue for us. We just need some treatment for our shopping center and under the building.
  • 15598 Avalon Avenue Clearwater, Florida - South Highpoint
    I think the place is abondoned. The black truck parked in the driveway hasn't moved since we moved in down the street and a large tree fell on it and crushed it. The downed tree is still on top of the truck. I'm actually a little worried somebody died in the house and nobodies bothered to check.